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Shō Ashikawa (芦川ショウ) is a human who works for Machine Robo Rescue as a member of the Yellow Gears, and Robo Master of Submarine Robo.

10 years old, Shō is a capable swimmer, loves ocean life and is incredibly cheerful, strongly believing that humour can be used to make the world a better place. He immediately becomes good friends with Ken Minami due to both having a love of capering; they style themselves as the 'Yellow Funnies'. If nothing else they keep each other amused and out of the way of the other members when they're trying to do proper work.

Shō might be able to talk to dolphins. Or might just make a lucky guess one time.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Kumiko Higa

Growing up next to Seto Inland Sea, Shō was taught to swim from an early age by his older sister Hiromi, who also taught him about the power of smiling. However, she was drowned when he was young. He decided to honour her memory by spreading her belief in the good that could be done by humour, and resolved to make the sea safe. I am Submarine Robo


Shō was among the first dozen cadets accepted into MRR. Commence the Rescue Combination!! He was assigned to Yellow Gears along with Daichi Hayami, Sayuri Suizenji and Ken, soon finding himself in harmony with the easy-going group under the tutelage of Marie Bitou. Blazing Fire Fighter! He joined most of the other cadets and Red Wings instructor Musashi Miyajima in a trip to a funfair; however, things went awry when they were trapped in a flooding subway thanks to a Gura Gorro attack. Fortunately, Daichi was able to overcome his chronic nerves with a little help from Sayuri and Bone, using Drill Robo to save them. It's Party Time! Drill Robo When Sayuri recruited the whole team to find Laura, the missing cat of a boy named Hideki, Shō and Ken hit on the idea of using a case of catnip to bring the wayward pet home - only to attract every other cat in the area instead and rapidly get overwhelmed. Emergency! Enter Battalion


When Professor Murayoshi's daughter Saki became trapped inside an ancient pyramid Yellow Gears were dispatched to Egypt to get her to safety. While Sayuri stayed outside with Gear Dump to coordinate Shō went in with Ken and Daichi; however the pyramid's security mechanisms soon separated the trio. Shō asked those in Rescue Headquarters for his next move and followed the instincts of Taiyoh Ohzora - whose advice almost immediately got him killed. He was at least able to find Saki, though he got trapped halfway through a wall in the process. Nevertheless he was able to use his comedic gifts - that included having trained his K-BOY to dance in time with that of Ken's - to keep the young girl amused until Ken and Daichi found them. The group were able to move back to the surface thanks to the efforts of Drill Robo and Sayuri fending off a Gura Gorro. Laughter Can Save the World! His father attended the MRR open day, where Shō and Ken compered the simulated battle between the Machine Robo. And Taiyoh is Fine! The Yellow Gears team were then sent to investigate strange vibrations at Marine Park but found the park's owner intransigent. Instead, Daichi and Sayuri paid for tickets to get inside while Ken and Shō settled down to have a picnic with the Drill Team. The structure was actually under attack from a Gura Gorro, and once it stepped up its' attacks Shō communicated with some dolphins. They told him something was up, though the giant list of the park should be given at least some credit. Either way, he used his superlative swimming skills to locate and help those trapped in the park's underwater lifts. Call Out! Gear Dump Robo


Shō excelled in underwater drills, though Miyajima was concerned about his inability to keep to the pace of his less gifted team-mates. Yellow Gears were then called into action to rescue three of their own - Chief Bitou, Marie and Professor Tōru Suidōbashi, who were trapped in the damaged Cube 1 submersible while carrying out underwater tests on the brand-new Submarine Robo. Shō was sent down in a second submersible with the activation disc for Submarine Robo and additional oxygen. While he was able to attach the tank to Cube 1 the operation was then complicated by the arrival of a Gura Gorro. Shō began to panic as his thoughts went to his late sister but the trio onboard Cube 1 were able to keep him calm and talk him through activating Submarine Robo so he could use his K-BOY to combine the Leader Robo with its' Aqua Robo Supporter Robo. Hyper Submarine Robo was able to defeat the Disaster and Shō then used it to rescue the submersible, and was emotionally thanked by Marie. I am Submarine Robo Shō became determined to become the Robo Master of Submarine Robo, but first he had to persuade the Machine Robo to join its' fellow Leader Robo in the hangar at Rescue Headquarters. Submarine Robo preferred to simply hang out in or under the sea, and Shō's first challenge was to simply speak to him. The Machine Robo didn't even notice most of his efforts despite Shō nearly drowning on multiple occasions. However, his determination later led to Submarine Robo eventually agreeing to take him to investigate strange icebergs that had appeared off Ōtsuka and trapped a whale. When they got there they were attacked by a Gura Gorro the Machine Robo realised the value of team-work when Shō and Drill helped him. He agreed to be stationed with the other Leader Robo in the hangar and accepted Shō as his Robo Master - before telling the cadet he would have to go through a punishing training routine to keep the job. Do You Like Hangars?


After Taiyoh and Jet Robo were shot down by Stealth Robo and Jay near Ikaros 1 and crashed on Minamitobi Island MRR assembled a task force to protect their comrades, with Shō and the Submarine Team among those sent to get them to safety. Good Luck Taiyoh Along with his fellow cadets he conspired to help Taiyoh work through his trauma from the crash by getting him onboard the reworked Shuttle Robo as pilot on a mission to rescue the stranded Lin and Kai, which was ultimately successful. Taiyoh Ohzora, Into Space! When the presenter Charmy Sato spent a day with MRR for one of his television shows he underwent various terrors, including being startled by Shō and Ken pretending to be ghosts. MRR 24 Hours Along with Ken, Shō and the Submarine Team were sent to deal with a broken oil platform which they later found out had been caused by the Disasters' new commander, Colonel Hazard. Enter! BL Machine Robo He later joined the bulk of MRR in taking a holiday at an island mansion owned by Sayuri, enjoying the swimming. When Ken married a pirate ghost girl Shō didn't even ask any questions when Ken asked him for control of Submarine Robo, using an EX Combination to raise said pirate ghost girl's dad's sunken ship. Summer Holiday! Fear Vacation Shō was later very jealous of Blue Sirens being chosen to visit the Uranos 2 airship. Airship SOS!


When Yellow Gears were assigned to supervise the stunt sequences for the new Ninja Mama movie Shō and Ken were very excited about the chance of meeting actress Saeko Homura - only to be stunned to find out she was Daichi's mother. The team soon found themselves with roles in the film itself, with Shō cast as Daichi's ninja sidekick, before director Hotta and producer Anao put them through the wringer with a punishing succession of stunts that left the pair thoroughly disillusioned by lunchtime. Things got a bit easier when Hazard sent a Gura Gorro to kidnap Saeko, believing her character Yoko Kimura to be real. The resulting carnage destroyed all the footage shot thus far and seemingly ended the movie - only for Hotta and Anao to terrify Shō, Ken and the Drill Team by suggesting what they'd done so far was only a rehearsal. I am Daichi's Mother Along with the rest of MRR - bar a fuming Alice - he wished Makoto luck for his date with Doctor Aki Saotome. After she died from a terminal illness, Shō was among those present at a ceremony honouring her memory. The Story of Makoto's First Love


Following the reformed Jay's induction into MRR he struggled to gel with the various teams' drills, notably devastating Shō by not laughing at any of his jokes. Birth! V Stealth Robo Later he and Ken prepared to do their usual Yellow Funnies act at Jay's welcome party, intending to poke fun at the family dynamic of Daichi and Sayuri as the parents of the pair. However, Daichi went off-script to announce that all of MRR were a family; Shō and the others only realised afterwards he was planning on resigning to take over his father's post as President of Hayami Heavy Industries. However, after Yellow Gears were called to the Hayami plant to deal with a Gura Gorro raid Daichi realised his heart was with MRR and rejoined, to the delight of Shō and the rest of the team. Daichi's Resolution When the liner Poseidon collided with an oil tanker just off Rescue Headquarters, causing a freak subsonic noise that disabled the Leader Robo, Shō controlled the Aqua Robo to support the stricken passenger liner while it was evacuated. After Makoto and Daichi were able to shut down the Poseidon's engine, allowing Professor Suidōbashi to reboot the Leader Robo, Shō used Hyper Submarine Robo to finish the rescue by sealing the damage done to the ship's hull. Machine Robo Out of Action!


Following Kaiser-G cutting off a volcanic island from the rest of the world Shō joined the full-strength rescue mission, commanding Submarine Robo into Hyper Mode. However, Kaiser-G soon proved equal to the combined Machine Robo effort to stop him, with Taiyoh and Jay seemingly lost. Activate, Kaiser-G! The rest of MRR were at least able to evacuate the island and went back into action to help those affected by Kaiser-G's messing with the Pacific volcanoes until the missing pair were able to make contact. However, Kaiser-G had advanced to Tokyo, where he set the meteorite Tartarus on collision course with Earth. A Looming Catastrophe! MRR made a full-strength sortie into the city to try and fight Kaiser-G, but Shō and Submarine Robo - like the rest of the team - were unable to get close enough due to the monster's gravity powers pinning them into the street. Instead he joined the group of cadets who climbed inside Kaiser-G and planted explosives which would give Shuttle Robo and V Stealth Robo chance to destroy it and the meteorite, saving Earth. All Hands on Deck, Save the Planet! The end of the Disasters didn't end the need for MRR however, and the cadets had to carry out several rescues on their graduation day. Fly, MRR!


After graduating, Shō trained and took over as instructor for Yellow Gears under Chief Miyajima, working alongside Alice and Ace to train the next generation of Machine Robo Rescue operatives. A position of responsibility did little to change Shō's personality, though most of his attempts to make the new intake laugh fell flat. After Ace ordered everyone to clean the hangar they were visited by Air Leon, who been created by the Professor and Daichi but escaped ahead of schedule. Sortie! When the pair arrived to explain the group enjoyed talking about old times before Shō was joyously reunited with Ken, who had qualified as a doctor to head the new International Hyper Rescue hospital, who promptly terrorised him with a gigantic syringe. Machine Robo Rescue Special - New Year's Day!

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Supplemental material establishes that Shō's birthday is July 20th and that he is from Seto Inland Sea.
  • While Shō's father is seen twice his mother is absent from any present day scenes and is not mentioned. She might be the lady who tells Shō of his sister's death in the flashback shown in "I am Submarine Robo" but this is unconfirmed.