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Hideki is a young human from Tokyo. He has a cat called Laura and really bad parents. Not Yudai Hayami bad, but still pretty bad.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Miwa Matsumoto

Due to his parents having no interest in him whatsoever, Hideki was very fond of Laura, and became bereft when she got lost. He was spotted looking for her by Sayuri, who promised to get Machine Robo Rescue to help. Hideki was delighted and reported this back to his parents, who scoffed at the idea of MRR doing such a thing and suggested they'd get another cat instead and weren't too fussed when he ran back off. However Sayuri was as good as her word, having used her almost weaponised kindness to get all the other cadets to join the search. Initially they had no more luck, though Makoto refused a direct order from Sasaki to return. Instead he requested the Machine Robo to join them as the whole thing escalated drastically involving thwarted burglaries, a car chase and a Gura Gorro attack. Laura eventually turned up in the hands of Jay, who returned the animal to Taiyoh Ohzora. Hideki was delighted to be reunited with Laura, which at least shut his awful mum and dad up. Emergency! Enter Battalion