Do You Like Hangars?

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Machine Robo Rescue
Episode 20
"Do You Like Hangars?"
("Kakunōko wa o suki?")
Production company Sunrise
Yomiko Advertising
TV Tokyo
Airdate May 21, 2003
Written by Takao Yoshioka
Directed by Hirofumi Ogura
Animation studio Sunrise

New recruit Submarine Robo works with Drill Robo to send Marie Bitou into a nervous breakdown.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]


Submarine Robo and the Aqua Robo are formally introduced to the Machine Robo Rescue cadets and assigned to the Yellow Gears team. However, Submarine Robo baulks at the idea of being on standby in the hangar, instead wanting to stay out in the sea until required. The instructors discuss the problem this would cause - while they can always track Submarine Robo if he doesn't go in the hangar they will be unable to maintain him. Shō believes he can persuade Submarine Robo of the necessity. They agree, believing whoever can persuade Submarine Robo to follow orders will be the perfect Robo Master for the new Machine Robo. However, Shō's initial attempts to reach Submarine Robo are thwarted due to the lack of oxygen, and when he finally reaches the Machine Robo he belatedly realises he can't talk underwater - something Sayuri had already realised, but wanted to see how her team-mate would handle things. As everyone gives Shō oxygen Submarine Robo surfaces and tells the cadets he has no intention of ever entering the hangar, claiming he'll return for maintenance and recharging when he needs it. Marie Bitou contacts Professor Suidōbashi for advice, but he is working on another project and is of little help - leading to the instructor bemoaning her team for being a bunch of weirdos. The other Machine Robo are just as nonplussed by the newcomer's attitude. Daichi asks Drill Robo to speak to Submarine Robo, who briefly returns to shore to watch the students jet-ski on the Aqua Robo. He continues to annoy Marie, while Shō begs him to comply so he can become his Robo Master. Drill Robo's attempts to speak to Submarine Robo are an absolute failure, with Drill instead seeing Submarine's point and taking his side. Submarine Robo returns to the sea, followed by Drill Robo - who isn't waterproofed and immediately puts himself out of action. That evening as the cadets eat dinner a news broadcast by Cutie Kumamoto mentions the appearance of large icebergs off Ōtsuka in Hokkaido, trapping a whale. Shō runs out to find Submarine Robo, who rapidly agrees to help but sets off without the cadet, just taking the Aqua Robo. He attempts to swim after the Submarine Team but is exhausted and soon begins to sink - though thankfully Submarine Robo heads back to collect him. Impressed by Shō's determination, Submarine Robo takes him along - much to the fury of Marie. However, the rest of Yellow Gears set out to back them up and Gear Dump is launched.


Shō wonders why so many large icebergs are present as Submarine Robo arrives near Ōtsuka and they find the trapped whale. Submarine Robo is surprised to find he can't break the ice trapping the creature before he and the Aqua Robos are immobilised by a blizzard - sent by Gura Gorro. However, the Disaster is distracted by the chirps of a group of dolphins and falls through the ice. The dolphins tell Submarine Robo help is on its' way, and the rest of Yellow Gears arrive. Drill once again gets himself waterlogged freeing Submarine Robo, who is then commanded into Hyper Mode by Shō. Hyper Submarine Robo finds the disabled Drill Robo and returns him to the surface before meeting Gura Gorro in battle. It tries to return above water but is kicked back down by the recovering Drill, and finished off by Hyper Submarine Robo. He then uses his Finger Flash to free the whale, which swims off. Back at Rescue Headquarters Marie lectures Drill about his latest trip to the repair bay when Submarine Robo enters the hangar, having realised the value of friendship and teamwork. He also accepts Shō as his Robo Master, and the boy is congratulated by the other cadets and instructors. However, Submarine Robo decides Shō needs to continue training - starting with a 50km swim.

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

"I've never had this much anxiety in my life!"

Marie Bitou on working with the Yellow Gears Machine Robo.

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Continuity notes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Presumably in this fictional near-future version of Japan they care about whales more than in the real world version.
  • There are vague hints that the icebergs are somehow created by the Disasters as the formation is noted as being unnatural by Shō and Submarine Robo can't damage them, but like one of its' protagonists the show wanders off in a different direction without really looking at it.

Home video releases[edit | edit source]


2003Machine Robo Rescue Vol 05 (Sunrise)