Laughter Can Save the World!

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Machine Robo Rescue
Episode 12
"Laughter Can Save the World!"
("Warai wa sekai o sukū!")
Production company Sunrise
Yomiko Advertising
TV Tokyo
Airdate March 26, 2003
Written by Junko Okazaki
Directed by Masakazu Hishida
Animation studio Sunrise

Professor Murayoshi's daughter gets trapped. Unfortunately Yellow Gears are on hand to help.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Top. Men.

Archaeologist Professor Murayoshi is exploring a pyramid with his daughter Saki in Saqqara when she inadvertently activates a trap grabbing some treasure and is cut off behind a huge wall. At Rescue Headquarters the Yellow Gears team are undertaking morning exercises under the impressed eye of their instructor Marie Bitou. While Daichi is mountain climbing Ken and Shō appear to instead be working on their looks and comedy ability respectively, but they are interrupted when an alert sounds. The Drill team and the cadets board Gear Dump and launch into action. They meet with the Professor, and Drill Robo offers to simply demolish the pyramid. The Professor objects to the damage this might pose to artefacts and is soundly mocked for his sense of priorities by Ken and Shō, and Daichi decides they need to be careful. The three boys head inside to scope out the situation, with Sayuri keeping in touch with them from outside the pyramid. Unfortunately Shō immediately activates a trap, collapsing the floor; the trio survive but are separated. Lin is able to sent Sayuri a map of their locations and they are able to all keep in touch through the K-BOYs. Still cheerful, Shō polls those in the control room for his next move, deciding to follow Taiyoh's instincts - instantly activating another pair of traps and being washed underground. Not that Ken is fairing much better, having to cheerfully outrun a boulder until a trapdoor opens below him. The more cautious Daichi fares better until he's startled by a mummy, while outside Sayuri attempts to calm the Professor with some tea, while a bored Drill Robo complains about not having anything to do - unaware that a Gura Gorro is watching from behind a nearby dune.


Shō's divergence has brought him to the wall Saki is trapped behind, but lost his tools during one of his narrow escapes. His K-BOY is able to bore a small hole in the wall but exhausts its' battery in the process, cutting off his communication with the surface. Sayuri is able to send Ken and Daichi to his location. Shō has become stuck in the hole but is able to talk to Saki, who is scared and tearful. Above, the Gura Gorro attempts to trigger a cave-in; Drill Robo tries to brace the building while the Bulldozer Robo move in to help. Meanwhile Daichi and Ken have reached the other side of the wall and drill a hole through which Ken sends his K-BOY as Shō tries to keep Saki distracted with his clowning. Ken's K-BOY arrives and recharges Shō's unit, while Daichi lets the pair know rescue is at hand. Outside, with Drill Robo busy holding up the pyramid, the Bulldozer Robo have little luck against the Gura Gorro. Sayuri orders the archaeologists to withdraw and pilots the Gear Dump, ramming the Gura Gorro out of the way. Despite Drill nearly letting go of the roof celebrating Daichi, Ken, Shō and Saki are able to escape. Once they are clear Drill charges the Gura Gorro, with Daichi activating his Hyper Mode, easily defeating Disaster. As everyone celebrates, the Professor reunites with his daughter; she offers him the treasure but he replies she's his number 1 treasure. He is, however, less than happy at his life's work being trashed with the pyramid collapsing. However, the Drill Team go into action to repair it.

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]


Continuity notes[edit | edit source]

  • Gyro Robo appears in the hangar with the other MRR Machine Robo despite the previous episode's ending suggesting he wasn't joining the organisation.
  • Gadgets and Powers:
    • The alarm function of a K-BOY apparently includes drop-kicking sleeping cadets, while they also function as location trackers. Ken and Shō seem to have trained theirs to dance. They can also channel all their power into their strength at the expense of battery life, and talk occasionally to volunteer information.
    • Hyper Drill Robo uses his head-spinning Drill Attack before finishing the Gura Gorro off with a Finger Flash.

Real-world references[edit | edit source]

  • Outwardly the pyramid is largely accurately based on the Pyramid of Djoser at the real Saqqara, though obviously the insides are pepped up a bit and the Great Sphinx of Giza is briefly and less accurately shown in one of the establishing shots.
  • Several of the traps and tropes of the Indiana Jones film series are drawn upon, notably Ken on the run from a huge round boulder.

Foreign localization[edit | edit source]


  • Title: "Smile and the World Will Be Saved!"
  • Original airdate: ?

Home video releases[edit | edit source]


2003Machine Robo Rescue Vol 03 (Sunrise)