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Arias "Ace" Honoh (エリアス 炎) is a human who works for Machine Robo Rescue as part of the Red Wings team, and is Robo Master of Fire Robo.

Ace is handsome, strong, brave, intelligent, good-looking, charismatic, popular and a natural leader. The only problem is he knows all of this as well. He picked his nickname himself, is ten years old and is also the writer of Ace's Manual for Success in Love.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Naomi Shindoh

Arias' father was a career fire-fighter in America who he idolised from an early age, he enlisted in Machine Robo Rescue. By that point he had already cultivated enough of a reputation to impress Alice Beckham, and he was among the more confident of the intake - asking to be addressed as "Ace". Along with Taiyoh Ohzora, Lin Haruka and Kai Kitazawa he was assigned to the Red Wings team, instructed by Musashi Miyajima. He later helped encourage Taiyoh when he took Jet Robo on an impromptu mission to help combat a fire at Landmark Tower, joining Makoto Aikawa in talking him through a second attempt at a Hyper Mode combination after an initial failure. Commence the Rescue Combination!! However, he would become heavily competitive with Taiyoh, with the pair's rivalry causing the pair of them to ignore a summons for a meal while concentrating on racing during a hike - much to the fury of instructor Miyajima, who assigned them to clean the hangar as punishment. There, Ace took a shine to Fire Robo, and soon had chance to join him in action when Red Wings were dispatched to combat a forest fire in the Central Mountain Area. After finding an injured climber, Ace showed his courage by giving the man his oxygen as smoke set in, though Taiyoh arrived in time to save them both and allow Ace to activate Fire Robo's Hyper Mode and drive off the Gura Gorro that was attacking the Fire Team. Blazing Fire Fighter! When the Blue Sirens team were sent in to deal with a road pile-up Ace joined the rest of Red Wings in providing back-up from Rescue Headquarters, warning Makoto of the approach of a Gura Gorro. Straight Ahead to the Police Spirit! Ace and the Fire Team later provided ground support when Taiyoh, Lin and Jet Robo were given the task of bringing the Sky Dolphin experimental aircraft under control. The Thunderous Stealth Robo He was later part of the full-squad attempt to find Hideki's cat Laura, seeing it as a chance to one-up Taiyoh. Unfortunately for Ace his efforts were rewarded by a dog attempting to swallow his head. Emergency! Enter Battalion He took Fire Robo into action again to combat the fires caused by the eruption of Mount Kaga, and as a result was officially appointed to the role of the Fire Team's Robo Master afterwards. Aim to be a Robo Master!


Ace's first assignment as such was helping trapped climbers on Himaru Mountain, helping get Taiyoh and a climber to safety after the operation was complicated by avalanches and the arrival of Jay and Stealth Robo. Clash! Jet vs. Stealth The aftermath of the incident saw Taiyoh walk out on MRR, Ace joined Lin and Kai in searching for him before Red Wings were called into action when a fire threatened a cable lift. Miyajima was able to cajole Taiyoh into rejoining the team, allowing he and Ace to perform an EX Combination between the Jet and Fire team, allowing Jet Robo to fight the fire while Fire Robo combatted Stealth Robo. Look Out! Combination EX Red Wings were then sent to visit at a new floating industrial complex - though sadly the interference of TV presenter Charmy Sato soon caused a fire. Ace played his part in bringing it under control. Industrial Complex Panic! While his father was too busy with his work to attend the MRR open day, his mother made the trip. In the Machine Robo demonstration he was able to use Fire Robo to defeat Gyro Robo but was then beaten by Makoto and Police Robo. And Taiyoh is Fine! Ace and Fire Robo were dispatched to the Machine AI Laboratory when it came under attack from Stealth Robo; while they were able to bring the fires under control they were unable to prevent Jay from recovering the Tank Robo and activating Stealth Robo's Hyper Mode. The Invincible Hyper Stealth Robo! During vaccinations Ace was unable to receive an injection due to his thin veins, a cause of relief as needles were the only thing he was scared of; as such he and Ken Minami (who had faked illness to get out of it) were the only two cadets available when the Wing Liner was sent to provide emergency transport for a seriously ill boy in a remote village, cut off by storms. Ken's aloof and distant attitude irritated Ace, and his mood got no better when the patient - Hishashi - turned out to be an awkward little swine and ran off into the woods. While Ken gave chase Ace was waylaid by Stealth Robo, who he fought with Fire Robo. While Ken was able to have something of a personal awakening and bring Hisashi in, Hyper Fire Robo struggled against Hyper Stealth Robo until the Drill Team were able to get through and provide back-up. Ken's Rescue Spirit! A punishing series of call-outs exhausted the Red Wings and got worse when they were called into action to back up the Yellow Gears when the Disasters targeted Marine Park; while they were successful, Ace and his comrades were so tired they fell asleep on the journey back to Rescue Headquarters. Call Out! Gear Dump Robo He later joined his classmates in water-skiing from the back of the Aqua Robo after Submarine Robo was added to MRR. Do You Like Hangars?


As well as providing excellent firefighting skills in the field Ace also impressed with his academic skills - though the poor marks of Taiyoh dragged down the whole team. As such Ace was given the role of bringing them up to scratch - though privately he told Marie Bitou he was always impressed by Taiyoh's field performance. Sadly Taiyoh had the attention span of a goldfish on cocaine, and instead diverted his attentions to proving that Ace was a cheat - finding out that he merely worked very hard. Taiyoh believed that this was a form of cheating but was left with enhanced respect for his team-mate after Ace's preparation, intelligence and situational awareness allowed them to escape unharmed from a fire storm in an industrial complex along with the trouble-prone Jun Mizushima. As a result, Taiyoh opted to ask Ace for help with his studying so he could improve his own performance. Fear of the Fire Storm Red Wings travelled to the Ikaros 1 spaceport on a mission to oversee some satellites, only for the station to come under attack from Jay and Stealth Robo. While Taiyoh and Jet Robo fought the Disasters, Ace and the Fire Team attempted to combat the blazes caused by the attack. His plan to jettison burning sections of the station saved Ikaros 1 from destruction, though Taiyoh and Jet were soundly defeated by Stealth Robo and sent crashing to Earth while Lin and Kai were stranded onboard an escape shuttle in orbit with a small band of survivors. Debut, 30000 Metres! With Taiyoh alive but traumatised, Ace was the only member of Red Wings on duty at Rescue Headquarters as the crisis continued. Good Luck Taiyoh As a result, he was selected to pilot Shuttle Robo - the upgraded Jet Robo - into space to rescue the shuttle from the clutches of Stealth Robo and Jay. While he tested excellently, Ace conspired with the Blue Sirens and Yellow Gears to instead put Taiyoh onboard for the mission - a deceit which was successful largely because of Miyajima and the other instructors choosing to turn a blind eye in the home it would help Taiyoh recover. The mission was a success. Taiyoh Ohzora, Into Space! However, when Shuttle Robo took the craft to dock with the International Space Station, Taiyoh and the others found it overran by giant killer plants. As a result Ace was sent up with Daichi, Makoto, Alice and Ken, piloting the prototype Machine Commander. They were able to join their friends on the station and destroy the plants, while Ace used the new ship to rescue Taiyoh after he was blown out into space. Save the Space Station! The group were then sent on to an inspection of the Moonbase, where Ace gave an unimpressed response to Alice's production of The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. He was on more familiar ground when a nearby mine was caught in a rockslide, and joined Lin in evacuating a pair of miners from the structure. Lunar Rescue, Begin!


While he liked the idea of appearing on a second Charmy Sato TV show he was less sure of the reporter joining MRR on active missions, finding himself in the unusual position of agreeing with Taiyoh after Charmy was knocked out by a water cannon on a Red Wings mission. MRR 24 Hours He joined Kai, Susumu and Tsuyoshi in attending a high rise fire, and was later called as back-up when Stealth Robo attempted to engineer a showdown with Jet Robo - arriving with Fire Robo just as the Disasters Machine Robo was winched away by the new threat of Colonel Hazard. Enter! BL Machine Robo After a drill for an elementary school class - which went badly wrong due to Taiyoh being distracted - Red Wings were scrambled to a fire at an industrial complex, unwittingly taking Jun Mizushima along with them. On arrival the team found the blaze had been caused intentionally by Hazard and his new BL Fire Robo. While he was able to get Jun to safety, Ace had difficulty marshalling Fire Robo into Hyper Mode - leading to BL Fire Robo taking control of the Fire Team's Aider Robo. After the Disasters left the scene Ace swore to recover them. Colonel Hazard's Trap! Makoto's attempts to reach out to Ace - i.e. giving him a lecture - hardly helped, and a brawl developed. When Sayuri tried to play peacemaker only to get shoved, leading to the usually passive Daichi wading in, before Taiyoh blundered into the middle of things. The result saw all four hauled up before the instructors, and told to play nice to continue testing of Machine Commander. The craft was soon in action when Hazard's new Catfish threatened a city in South America with earth tremors, and on the way everyone reminded Ace that rescuing the victims came first. He agreed and worked with Fire Robo to bring the fires under control, before summoning Machine Commander Robo to battle BL Fire Robo - giving an opening for Fire Robo to retrieve the Aider Robo. He later thanked Makoto and Daichi for their help before returning to the clean-up work. Combine! Machine Commander Robo He was one of those who went to holiday on Sayuri's mansion on a private island, where he trumped Marie's ghost story, terrifying the instructor. Summer Holiday! Fear Vacation


Ace was among the cadets who were present at a ceremony honouring MRR at the Space Agency, where his speech was largely rambling self-praise. The event came under attack from BL Drill Robo, and Ace helped evacuate the civilians present, with unlikely aid from Stealth Robo. However, the latter and Jay fell into the sea at the end of the battle. Stealth Robo's Fierce End Later, when Makoto landed a date with young doctor Aki Saotome he was among the cadets to offer his support - and later spy on the couple. Ace furnished Makoto with a copy of Ace's Manual for Success in Love to help the date, and rapidly lost interest in proceedings when Makoto discarded the publication. After the date he did offer further debriefing advice. However, Aki was terminally ill and died shortly afterwards; with Makoto on duty, Ace laid a flower on her grave at the funeral. The Story of Makoto's First Love He then joined the call to help save Hinosuke from a mudslide. Proud Fire Brigade! Ace's cramming became useful when a combination of Hazard's new communications jammer and a wilful boy named Ricky out his survival skills to the test after a plane crash With help from Taiyoh - well, in a way - he was able to keep the annoying brat alive with his survival skills until Wing Liner Robo took out the jammer. After a perilous river crossing to avoid a fire started by BL Fire Robo they were eventually rescued successfully by Kai and Lin. Survival of the Fittest! On a trip to the Machine AI lab, Ace ended up clashing with Professor Suidōbashi over his criticism of the cadets, tactfully pointing out that the wheelchair-bound scientist shouldn't criticise them when he doesn't attend rescues. However, he was eventually able to see the Professor was simply trying to help make their work as efficient as possible. The Mysterious Superhero Captain Miracle


After an amnesiac Jay was recovered and brought back to Rescue Headquarters Ace was unsure of the wisdom of the decision, though he was less of a jerk than Makoto was. Be Reborn, Jay! He later attended the area when BL Drill Robo captured a group of humans to draw out Stealth Robo. Jay, Join the MRR! After Jay was officially accepted into MRR, he rapidly frustrated Ace through his inability or unwillingness to salute correctly, while he was also unsure of Taiyoh's overprotective attitude to the new recruit. To make things worse, Jay used an inordinate amount of Ace's hair conditioner too. Nevertheless he was impressed by Jay's single-minded attempt to get a pregnant woman to hospital as he took an unconventional but well-meaning approach to his new job. Ace even found Jay's salutes improving. Birth! V Stealth Robo Ace was perplexed at receiving an A- in his grades, and found Miyajima and the others evasive about why, stating he still had something to show them. Soon afterwards the liner Poseidon collided with an oil tanker near the Headquarters. With the Leader Robo out of action due to a freak sonic resonance, Miyajima took the cadets in anyway, helped by the Supporter Robo. However, Miyajima was injured soon after they arrived. He handed overall command to Ace before being stretchered away, and the cadet finally realised what was needed, resisting the temptation to do everything himself and instead using his skills to manage the situation. As such the rescue went well and the situation was brought under control - though once everyone was safe Ace collapsed from the stress. Nevertheless he was subsequently rewarded with his A. Machine Robo Out of Action!


Following a fire at an observatory, Ace was once again frustrated with Taiyoh's impulsive behaviour, before MRR having to try and evacuate an island threatened by volcanic activity with Ace taking control of Machine Commander Robo. However, the arrival of Kaiser-G saw the operation become much more dangerous, with both Taiyoh and Jay disappearing during the one-sided confrontation. Activate, Kaiser-G! MRR were able to evacuate the island successfully and Ace was key to their subsequent need to deal with the numerous crises caused by Kaiser-G while trying to keep their spirits up. When it was found out that Taiyoh and Jay had survived, Ace joined Makoto and Daichi in taking Machine Commander Robo back to the island to recover them and their Machine Robo. They were opposed by both Hazard and BL Police Robo, with both being destroyed in the subsequent battle. However, Kaiser-G was by now menacing Tokyo, and directed the meteorite Tartarus towards Earth. A Looming Catastrophe! Along with the rest of MRR he attempted to attack Kaiser-G but the villain's gravity powers prevented Hyper Fire Robo from attacking. Instead, he joined a team of cadets who successfully placed explosives inside the Disasters leader, giving chance for Shuttle Robo and V Stealth Robo to stop Tartarus and finally destroy Kaiser-G. All Hands on Deck, Save the Planet! While the end of the Disasters didn't mean an end to people needing rescuing, Ace and the others were still eventually able to attend their graduation ceremony. Fly, MRR!


After graduation Ace decided to remain with MRR, and trained to become instructor of the Red Wings team, under the promoted Chief Miyajima. Along with Blue Sirens instructor Alice and Yellow Gears instructor Shō Ashikawa he welcomed a new intake of cadets and showed that age hadn't tempered his ego. The trio screened an orientation video to the fresh cadets, though his own presentation - Ace the Hero Legend - was ignored. As a result he channelled his inner Miyajima and ordered everyone to clean the hangar. Sortie! There he was present for the unplanned early arrival of Air Leon, leading to a reunion with Daichi and the Professor when they came to apologise for the new Machine Robo's escape. They reminisced about old times and spoke further to the cadets while discussing the growth of International Hyper Rescue, Brad Bitou's latest brainwave. Machine Robo Rescue Special - New Year's Day!

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Supplemental material gives Ace's birthday as 3rd of May, his birthplace as Florida and his blood-type as AB. While his father is American his mother is half-Japanese.
  • His surname translates to "Flame".