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Lin Haruka (遥 鈴) is a human who works for Machine Robo Rescue. She is a member of the Red Wings, co-piloting Wing Liner and acting as back-up Robo Master for the team along with Kai Kitazawa.

She is fierce, brave and loyal. An expert climber and martial artist, Lin is good friends with Sayuri Suizenji and Alice Beckham but is just as happy mixing it with the boys due to her proclivity for violence at the slightest provocation. Despite regularly targeting Taiyoh Ohzora in said violence she harbours a crush on the boy, who remains resolutely oblivious.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Kumiko Higa

Lin's parents survived an earthquake before she was born, The Mysterious Superhero Captain Miracle but her grandmother was killed during the disaster. The family relocated to Kobe afterwards and set up a Chinese restaurant called Suzuran Hanten before having Lin and later Lan. Lin's sadness over never meeting her grandmother and her gratitude for the survival of her parents were the key factor in her application for MRR. Salute to the Gura Gorro After becoming a cadet she wasted little time in establishing her nature, calling out instructor Musashi Miyajima for getting her name wrong in the initial roll-call. Commence the Rescue Combination!! She was assigned to the Red Wings team, along with Taiyoh, Ace and Kai, being less than impressed as she found them all weak and irritating. Nevertheless she piloted the Wing Liner when the team successfully worked together to rescue climbers trapped by a forest fire. Blazing Fire Fighter! She later watched Ninja Mama with Alice, describing Saeko Homura as her favourite actress. It's Party Time! Drill Robo After a strong performance in a climbing drill Lin was closest to Jet Robo when an alarm sounded, though she was soon joined by Taiyoh and the pair squabbled as the Leader Robo took them to help tackle the off-course Sky Dolphin remote aircraft. The pair of cadets boarded the craft - though Taiyoh had to save her when she was caught by turbulence - and Lin attempted to regain control of the plane with her K-BOY. The operation was made more complicated by the unexpected intervention of Jay and Stealth Robo, though Lin was able to free up the aircraft so Taiyoh could successfully land it. The Thunderous Stealth Robo Lin and Alice readily agreed when Sayuri volunteered MRR to help search for Laura, a lost cat belonging to a neglected child called Hideki. The trio were instrumental in getting the normally-officious Makoto Aikawa to agree to joining the hunt, which escalated to the Machine Robo joining in too. Emergency! Enter Battalion Lin later helped the evacuation operation when Kaga Mountain erupted, and was later designated a back-up Robo Master for Red Wings. Aim to be a Robo Master!


Despite none of them being selected as first-choice Robo Masters the girls still decided to make a cake congratulating Taiyoh, Ace, Makoto and Daichi for their successful appointments. The plan was interrupted by an emergency call as Red Wings had to find climbers cut off on Himaru Mountain. The operation was complicated by both avalanches and the intervention of Jay and Stealth Robo, who savagely attacked Taiyoh and Jet Robo. While Lin and the others were eventually able to reach and rescue their friends Taiyoh walked out on MRR soon after their return, feeling guilty for Jet's injuries. Clash! Jet vs. Stealth After he slipped away Lin, Ace and Kai tried looking for him covertly, though Lin's poor lying tipped off the other teams - who joined the search. Red Wings were soon called away to rescue a group trapped in a cable lift above Ōguchi Valley. Lin piloted the partly-repaired Jet Robo in Taiyoh's absence and was able to get onboard the lift, but Stealth Robo again attacked. Meanwhile the others hand found Taiyoh and Miyajima drove him to the valley, where Lin returned control of Jet Robo. Taiyoh was then able to use an EX Combination to save Lin and the civilians. Look Out! Combination EX She was unimpressed when Charmy Sato visited Rescue Headquarters, and especially when he began tinkered with the safety systems of a floating industrial complex in order to make a more exciting show - inevitably causing a genuine emergency by switching off the fire prevention systems. With a Gura Gorro around too the central island was cut loose and set on collision course with another part of the complex; however, Lin and Kai were able to convert the Wing Liner to robot mode in time to prevent catastrophe. Industrial Complex Panic! After three-quarters of Yellow Gears managed to get themselves lost in a pyramid during an attempt to rescue Saki Murayoshi, Lin provided back-up from Rescue Headquarters, helping Sayuri by transmitting plans to the pyramid to the location. Laughter Can Save the World!


Her parents and sister were present at the MRR open day, where their loud approval embarrassed Lin - and amused everyone else, even the instructors. And Taiyoh is Fine! Frustrated by Taiyoh's inability to produce a good likeness of Jay, she cajoled him into joining her on a trip to the Machine AI Laboratory to find out more about the mysterious Stealth Robo. As such she was left with the task of asking questions while Taiyoh picked a variety of fights with anyone they met, from an elementary school teacher to a guard robot. However, Jay was also present trying to get access to Stealth Robo's K-BOY, with his partner attacking the lab. Lin stumbled across Jay and recognised him - somehow - as the subject of Taiyoh's drawing and attacked him, though he was able to avoid her attacks. She was distracted by the presence of Jun Mizushima and both of them were overcome by smoke. While Jay used this as an opportunity to activate the Tank Robo - and thus Stealth Robo's Hyper Mode, he also took both Lin and Jun to safety before leaving. The Invincible Hyper Stealth Robo! The after-effects of a vaccination prevented her from piloting the Wing Liner to Nananaghake, with Ace instead being joined on the mission by Ken Minami. Ken's Rescue Spirit! While she was irritated by Taiyoh's poor test scores meaning extra work for all of Red Wings, she listened intently to Ace's resulting lecture on fire storms, and thus knew what to do when such a blaze broke out at an industrial complex. She helped evacuate Jun's class, there on a trip, and worked with Kai to activate Wing Liner Robo and help bring the fire under control. Fear of the Fire Storm


Along with Miyajima, Red Wings were sent to visit the spaceport Ikaros 1, which was then attacked by Jay and Stealth Robo. While the Fire Team fought the damage caused Lin and Kai searched for any trapped victims - finding Ryo Mizushima and two of his friends, as well as shuttle pilot Honda Sohachi, who was soon injured saving one of the kids. The group took shelter onboard Shuttle 12, and were eventually forced to launch before the section they were in was jettisoned to save Ikaros 1 from destruction. Debut, 30000 Metres! The shuttle then became stranded in Earth orbit, and damage to both Jet Robo and the mental state of Taiyoh held up rescue attempts, before the shuttle was captured by Jay and Stealth Robo, who intended to use the the occupants as bait. Good Luck Taiyoh Honda informed the pair of Taiyoh's traumatic history but Lin remained unflinching in her belief in her team-mate - as did those on Earth. With a little careful manipulation from Miyajima, the other cadets conspired to get Taiyoh instead of Ace launched on the rebuilt Shuttle Robo, who was able to drive off Stealth Robo and help the shuttle to the apparent safety of the International Space Station - though Lin was forced to violently intervene when Kai tried to share all the nice things she'd said about Taiyoh. Taiyoh Ohzora, Into Space! On arriving at the ISS they found it overran by giant killer plants and set off to help the crew evacuate. Taiyoh was separated and blown into space when one such plant separated him from Lin and an injured crewman. Lin attempted to reach him while being tethered to Kai, but was unsuccessful; thankfully he was saved by the arrival of Ace and others in Machine Commander, which then went on to the Moon. Save the Space Station! There she played the elderly bamboo cutter's wife in Alice's production of The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, feeling annoyed that she had been miscast as an old lady. She later helped Ace rescue stranded miners from the Moonbase 13 lunar mine, despite Stealth Robo again complicating the rescue by attacking. Lunar Rescue, Begin!


Returning to Earth she was the only cadet left on duty after Ace, Kai, Blue Sirens and Yellow Gears were called away to simultaneous emergencies. Taiyoh was absent, paying a visit to the memorial of his parents' death, and Lin became worried that he did not respond to his K-BOY. The instructors gave her permission to go look for him. Thanks to a helpful mourner - in fact Bone throwing his voice - she learnt he had been abducted by Stealth Robo, who was trying to draw Jet Robo out for a duel to maintain Jay's safety from the Disasters' new commander Colonel Hazard. She once again used violence against Kai when he suggested there was more about her concern for the missing Taiyoh, who was eventually saved by Jet Robo after Stealth Robo burnt out attacking and was evacuated by Hazard. Enter! BL Machine Robo She then joined Red Wings on an emergency call to an industrial complex, again working with Kai to activate Wing Liner Robo and fight the flames. However, the fire had been started by Hazard as a trap which allowed BL Fire Robo to take control of the Aider Robo. Colonel Hazard's Trap! She joined most of the team in holidaying at one of Sayuri's mansions on a reportedly haunted island; while she enjoyed the swimming she later joined Sayuri, Taiyoh and Kai in searching for the missing Ken - and mistook a pair of vacationing Gura Gorros for a ghost. Summer Holiday! Fear Vacation Along with Taiyoh and Shō she was annoyed that Blue Sirens got the job of visiting the new Uranos 2 airship, and after it had been saved from control by Hazard fought with the others over Captain Tanimura's offer of further visits. Airship SOS! Lin was chosen among the cadets to accept a commendation for MRR at the Space Agency, though with Miyajima suffering from stage fright the cadets ran riot. Lin fought Alice for the chance to sing to the audience before the facility was attacked by BL Drill Robo, sent by Hazard to eliminate Jay - who was at the facility to try and find the truth about his parents. Lin helped evacuate the civilians before Jay and Stealth Robo were seemingly lost to the sea battling BL Drill Robo. Stealth Robo's Fierce End She and Alice were then left jealous when Yellow Gears were asked to help make a film version of Ninja Mama, and stunned to find out the modest Daichi was the son of star Saeko Homura. I am the Mother of Daichi She was also supportive of Makoto when he landed a date with young doctor Aki Saotome, though Taiyoh's naivety and lack of tact during the process annoyed her. The Story of Makoto's First Love


Red Wings were later sent into the Amazon after a plane crash, resulting in Ace and Taiyoh getting lost in the jungle along with a survivor named Ricky. Lin and Kai's attempts to contact them were stymied by Hazard using a communications jammer so they had to simply use Wing Liner Robo to look for them - which worked out, as it promptly tramped the device without anyone bar Hazard realising. Ace, Taiyoh and Ricky were then recovered, having avoided a fire started by BL Fire Robo. Survival of the Fittest! During a subsequent trip to the Machine AI Laboratory Lin was as annoyed as the rest by Professor Suidōbashi's seemingly pedantic criticism of the cadets' performances in various simulated scenarios, and even attempted to fight back when his droid tried to whack her with a fan - only to be outmanoeuvred by the appearance of a second droid to clout her. Along with the rest of the cadets, she came to realise that the Professor was simply trying to improve their ability to rescue people. The Mysterious Superhero Captain Miracle After Jay was recovered from the sea without his memories, Lin was among those taken by Chief Bitou to collect him, and was unsure how she felt about it, despite Taiyoh's enthusiasm. Be Reborn, Jay! When Jay came under consideration for actually joining MRR to make amends for his past Lin was still conflicted, and decided to meet up with Jun to find out what he could remember about their first meeting with Jay. However, the amusement tower they were in was targeted by the Disasters, who planned to use the people inside to draw out Stealth Robo, who had also been recovered. Lin tried to keep the people trapped calm as BL Drill Robo attacked the tower, but her leg was injured by a swarm of Gura Gorros. Jay volunteered to undertake the long climb to rescue her, and she agreed to trust him. Jay and Taiyoh were able to reach them and save those in danger. Lin and everyone else (except Makoto) realised Jay's intentions were pure, and he was formally accepted into MRR. Jay, Join the MRR! However, he still had some rough edges and Lin joined Taiyoh and Kai in disbelief as he repeatedly failed (or refused) to salute Ace correctly, and later grumbled about him to Alice and Sayuri in the dorms. Birth! V Stealth Robo During the subsequent welcome party for Jay, Lin performed various martial arts sword tricks with an uncomfortable Makoto as her patsy. Jay however was too busy stuffing his face to notice. Daichi's Resolution


Due to being the only three cadets who could be trusted to stay overnight somewhere and not get into any brawls Lin, Sayuri and Alice were sent along to Kobe in order to represent MRR at the Kansai Disaster Prevention Festival. Despite Alice getting carried away and promising the huge crowd a chance to see Gear Dump Robo - who had to be manually converted by Lin and Sayuri - their appearance was a success. The trio stayed with Lin's parents overnight and her family once again embarrassed her with their loud, excitable personalities, much to the amusement of her two friends. The girls then discussed their reasons for joining MRR, before a mysterious object was detected landing nearby and the trio were sent to investigate. It turned out to be a Gura Gorro, on the run from Hell Island after deciding it no longer wanted to work for Disaster. After initially being fearful they soon realised it meant them no harm, and Lin even suggested that it could join MRR and she could become its' Robo Master - though she was less impressed when the Gura Gorro suggested they would be a good match due to both having round faces. However, Hazard soon arrived with BL Police Robo to recapture or destroy the Gura Gorro. It refused to go along with them and was mortally wounded defending its' new friends. The Drill Team and Gyro Robo arrived to help and were able to drive the Disasters off. They and the Machine Robo then saluted the Gura Gorro as it finally expired, glad it had done something good. Salute to the Gura Gorro After an oil tanker collided with the liner Poseidon within sight of Rescue Headquarters and a freak sonic resonance disabled the Leader Robo the cadets were led in with limited back-up. However, Lin was able to use the Sky Robo Supporter Robo to freeze the oil leaking from the tanker. Machine Robo Out of Action!


Lin was among those soaked watching Jay putting Machine Commander through its' paces. The Secret of the Disasters She helped patch Taiyoh up after he bravely but rashly rescued a scientist from a burning observatory. The whole team was then sent to help those trapped on an island by a volcanic eruption triggered by BL Police Robo. However, they came under attack from Kaiser-G, who was finally ready to activate and soon disabled the Machine Robo Activate, Kaiser-G! before sending Jet Robo and V Stealth Robo into the volcano itself. The rest of MRR was able to escape with the civilians, but Lin was worried about Taiyoh's disappearance. She was able to convince herself that everything was fine as they tried to deal with the chaos Kaiser-G left in his wake - and when news came through that he and Jay had survived Lin was reduced to tears. However, by then Kaiser-G had flown to Tokyo and set the meteorite Tartarus on a collision course with Earth. A Looming Catastrophe! The entire MRR force scrambled to try and stop it, with Lin at the controls of Wing Liner Robo; however, Kaiser-G's gravity powers prevented it from attacking until Taiyoh and Jay led a team to place explosives on Kaiser-G. The arrival of Shuttle Robo and V Stealth Robo turned the tide, and they were able to destroy Kaiser-G before diverting the meteorite. All Hands on Deck, Save the Planet! Despite Disaster being defeated MRR were still needed to combat other emergencies. Lin had a surprise waiting for her when Red Wings attended a forest fire and she was presented with a trio of surviving Gura Gurros. They had been deployed as the Gura Gorro Rescue Squad and chose Lin as their commander, which she rapidly adapted to - bawling them out for poor salutes and calling her "boss". She later attended graduation, where her speech was once again accompanied by her family's chaotic, noisy celebrations. Fly, MRR!


After graduation she joined Chief Bitou's International Hyper Rescue, continuing to oversee the roll-out of the Gura Gorro Rescue Squad, who were gradually gaining public approval - even if they still saluted with the wrong hand and still called her 'boss'. While on deployment in Europe she ran into Marie Bitou, and they reminisced about the old days while watching Prime Minister Sayuri Suizenji make a rousing speech about the plans to take the principles behind MRR worldwide and even beyond. Feeling nostalgic, she then dropped Taiyoh - based in Sabah - a line, and was over the moon when he suggested they meet up. Unfortunately for her he was thinking a class reunion. Machine Robo Rescue Special - New Year's Day!

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