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Clean the hangars! NOW!

—Miyajima's blanket response when the cadets annoy him

Musashi Miyajima (宮島 武蔵) is a human who works for Machine Robo Rescue as instructor for the Red Wings team.

The 30-year old Miyajima is brave and very passionate about rescue work, being a veteran of the legendary Rescue Red. He has a short temper and tries to project an image as a gruff drill sergeant type, though it soon becomes clear that he's something of a softie underneath. While Miyajima would happily run into an exploding building without a second thought to his own safety he is absolutely terrified of public speaking, and the presence of cameras all but paralyses him. Miyajima harbours a crush on Yellow Gears instructor Marie Bitou which is one of the worst-kept secrets at Rescue Headquarters; she politely ignores it to protect his feelings. He has a largely friendly rivalry with Blue Sirens instructor Koshiro Sasaki, whose calm and logical character frequently undercuts Miyajima's outbursts.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Hiroomi Sugino

Along with Shin Suidōbashi and Honda Sohachi, Miyajima was a member of MRR predecessor Rescue Red. The team were the first on the scene of the plane crash that killed Taiyoh Ohzora's parents and heard Bone calling for help, allowing the boy to survive. As a result Miyajima kept a discreet eye on Taiyoh as he grew up, and may have had some influence on Taiyoh being selected for MRR. His experience with Rescue Red led to a friendship with Brad Bitou, who recruited Miyajima to join MRR as the Red Wings instructor.


His professional relationship with Taiyoh got off to a bad start when the cadet got distracted and was late for the class' first revue. Not that he covered himself in glory by getting Lin Haruka's name wrong and getting told off by her. He was then apoplectic when Jet Robo decided to take Taiyoh to a fire at the nearby Landmark Tower, believing someone to be trapped inside, but acceded when Marie felt Taiyoh was right. He then joined her and Sasaki in monitoring the mission from the control room, where Taiyoh indeed found that Jun Mizushima was still in the building. Miyajima helped talk Taiyoh through things when the rescue was threatened by a Gura Gorro, and the mission was completed successfully. Commence the Rescue Combination!! Both Taiyoh and Arias "Ace" Honoh irritated him with their competitive behaviour and refusal to listen to anything, especially when it culminated in the pair running into the sea and missing a meal. As a result he sent them both to clean the hangars, but when a fire broke out in the Central Mountain Area he trusted Ace with command of Fire Robo, and the rescue was again a success. Blazing Fire Fighter! He was later flattened by Taiyoh when the boy took the air vents as a shortcut from the Grand Hall to the Great Rotating Base and dropped on Miyajima's head. His mood wasn't helped when Taiyoh and Makoto Aikawa began squabbling during a drill, meaning it was once again time for Miyajima to send them to clean the hangars. Straight Ahead to the Police Spirit! His patience was further tested when Taiyoh attempted to win a Supporter Robo race by having a Sky Robo boot the cargo it was meant to be carrying around the track, and responded with disqualification. That evening it looked as if his luck was changing as Marie approached him and asked what he was doing on Sunday. Miyajima eagerly told her he was free - only to find out she wasn't proposing a date but instead that he take the cadets to a funfair in Tokyo. Just in case spending his day off with a group of hyperactive kids wasn't bad enough the subway train they were on was attacked by a Gura Gorro, trapping it in an underwater section. He was able to get word to Sasaki and tried to keep the cadets calm as they tried to hold off the water, which they did long enough for Daichi Hayami to come to the rescue in Drill Robo. It's Party Time! Drill Robo Miyajima was again furious at his team when Taiyoh and Lin argued to the extent of both trying to get into Jet Robo's cockpit for an emergency call. The Thunderous Stealth Robo


With Chief Bitou and his daughter away at a conference, Miyajima and Sasaki were left running the store but were completely overwhelmed when Sayuri Suizenji led all of the cadets and then all of the Leader Robo to search for Laura, the missing cat of a boy named Hideki. The resulting chaos as they turned a neighbourhood upside-down led to Miyajima fielding numerous phone calls of complaints - however, when Chief Bitou returned he was delighted with the aid MRR had rendered while carrying out the search. Emergency! Enter Battalion During the eruption of Kaga Mountain, the instructors accompanied all three teams into action in order to help the evacuation efforts. Aim to be a Robo Master! He later provided support from Rescue Headquarters when Taiyoh and Jet Robo set off up Himaru Mountain to rescue stranded climbers, reacting with typical calm when Taiyoh disobeyed orders to continue looking for a missing mountaineer. Jet was badly damaged in the operation, leaving a guilty Taiyoh to quit MRR. Clash! Jet vs. Stealth Miyajima followed the cadets when they set out looking for their friend, and spoke to him after sending the others back to base. He pointed out to Taiyoh that Jet felt badly about letting him down and giving the boy a little tough love as he drove him to Ōguchi Valley in Police Robo, where Red Wings were struggling against Stealth Robo without him. Taiyoh rejoined the team, and the rescue was completed. Look Out! Combination EX Miyajima then had a difficult time when Charmy Sato arrived at Rescue Headquarters to film MRR, barely being able to speak as a result and fretting over the mess he was making of his TV debut. Later, after Charmy followed Red Wings to an industrial complex, Miyajima was perhaps the only person in the world to buy Ace's bad acting when the journalist faked an emergency. Industrial Complex Panic! He later joined the proceedings for MRR's open day, joining almost everyone in struggling not to laugh at the noisy antics of the Haruka family - or at least how much they embarrassed Lin. And Taiyoh is Fine! Miyajima's valiant side was showing when he briefly planned to mount a solo rescue when Chief Bitou, Tōru Suidōbashi and - most importantly - Marie became trapped underwater in a submersible; thankfully Sasaki was able to persuade him to let Shō go instead in a second craft. I am Submarine Robo


He later supervised Red Wings' trip up to the Ikaros 1 orbital spaceport, running in to Honda - stationed there as a shuttle pilot - on arrival. Miyajima quickly diverted his old friend away before he accidentally triggered Taiyoh's traumatic memories of the plane crash, filling him in about the boy over a drink at the bar. However, their mission to check on satellites was overridden by the arrival of Stealth Robo and Jay, who attacked the station. Miyajima set Ace and the Fire Team to work battling the fires caused by Stealth Robo's attack before dispatching Taiyoh and the Jet Team to try and hold the attackers off. While Ikaros 1 was saved, Jet Robo was shot down Debut, 30000 Metres! and crashed on Minamitobi Island. Miyajima returned to Earth to find Taiyoh uninjured and claiming to be fine. However, the instructor quickly realised the time spent inside the damaged Jet Robo awaiting rescue had indeed set off his repressed memories of the accident that killed his parents. Taiyoh was stubborn, forcing Miyajima to take him up in his personal biplane runabout to force Taiyoh to admit it. With Jay holding Lin, Kai, Honda and three children hostage in a shuttle above the Earth, Miyajima was quick to realise it was a trap. Good Luck Taiyoh However, MRR felt they had to launch a rescue anyway. Ace was slated to take Taiyoh's place onboard the reconfigured Jet Robo, now redesigned as Shuttle Robo. However, Miyajima turned a blind eye towards the cadets' joint efforts to rebuild Taiyoh's confidence and switch the pilots, even keeping Sasaki busy so the change could go ahead unhindered. He was delighted when the launch and rescue went ahead without problems. Taiyoh Ohzora, Into Space! After Shuttle Robo moved on to the International Space Station, Miyajima oversaw the launch of Machine Commander to provide back-up when the cadets found it overran by carnivorous plants. Save the Space Station!


Miyajima was greatly excited when Charmy Sato returned to Rescue Headquarters to present Who's the MVP?, though he still didn't handle being on camera very well. MRR 24 Hours After Stealth Robo abducted Taiyoh, Miyajima entrusted Lin with finding out where the cadet had gone. Enter! BL Machine Robo After a drill put on in front of a group of visiting children went badly - culminating in Makoto swallowing several gallons of water - Musashi dipped into the classics, ordering all 12 cadets to clean the hangars for the rest of their lives. Colonel Hazard's Trap! After the Aider Robo were kidnapped by BL Fire Robo, he joined the other instructors in cautioning Ace against going into action seeking revenge. Combine! Machine Commander Robo He was later happy to take up the opportunity to go on holiday to Sayuri's island mansion, especially as Marie was also going - and Sasaki wasn't. He joined in ridiculing Taiyoh, Lin, Kai and Sayuri for believing they had seen ghosts but otherwise kept out of most of the antics as he was on holiday, instead sleeping cuddled up with his duvet. Summer Holiday! Fear Vacation However, he was left at base when Sasaki and Blue Sirens were chosen to visit the airship Uranos 2, though this meant he was present to be mentally scarred when Hazard took over the world's communications systems in order to broadcast odd pictures of himself to everyone. Airship SOS! Red Wings were treated to a ceremony honouring them (or at least Jet Robo) at the Space Agency, but Miyajima's stage fright prevented him from keeping any sort of control over his charges, only recovering when BL Drill Robo attacked. Stealth Robo's Fierce End He was then grossly disappointed when Yellow Gears and not Red Wings were picked to help on the Ninja Mama movie; like the cadets (but unlike the other adults) he was desperate to get Saeko Homura's autograph. I am the Mother of Daichi Whereas most of MRR were delighted when Makoto landed a date with young doctor Aki Saotome, Miyajima was reduced to tears by the idea of the young cadet having a girlfriend before he did. The Story of Makoto's First Love


After an amnesiac Jay was brought to Rescue Headquarters and recovered his memories the boy set out to find Stealth Robo. He found him trapped in an underwater volcano, causing both Miyajima and Sasaki to tell the cadets it was too dangerous to procede. Machine Commander Robo chided them for their lack of faith, and successfully rescued Stealth. Be Reborn, Jay! He then agreed with the decision to allow Jay to join MRR Jay, Join the MRR! but found himself tested sorely by the rebuilt V Stealth Robo's lack of teamwork. The Strongest Combination! Machine Commander Robo V During the welcome party for Jay thrown in the Grand Hall, Miyajima and the other instructors together with Chief Bitou put on a play; however, Miyajima managed to declare his love for Marie rather than the character she was playing, getting corrected by Sasaki and laughed at by the cadets. Daichi's Resolution When Sayuri, Lin and Alice went sent to represent the organisation at the Kansai Disaster Prevention Festival and something strange landed nearby, Miyajima suggested the trio go investigate it themselves. Thankfully for them, while it was a Gura Gorro it was a pleasant one. Salute to the Gura Gorro Miyajima later gave Ace an overall score of A- on his report card, telling the protesting cadet that the instructors felt there was still more he could give. With Chief Bitou, his daughter and Sasaki away at a conference he was left in sole charge, and promptly called classes off so everyone could watch the advanced Poseidon liner sail past Rescue Headquarters. However, the ship promptly collided with an oil tanker. Miyajima ordered MRR into action but a freak resonance from the Poseidon's engine disabled the Leader Robo. While Professor Suidōbashi worked on rebooting then Miyajima led the cadets into the rescue with just the Supporter Robo. He prepared to lead a team into the ship but was injured saving a young girl from being hit by debris, and had to hand operational control to Ace before being stretchered away. As it was Ace oversaw the operation perfectly - only to collapse from stress the minute it was complete. He woke up in hospital next to Miyajima, who was impressed that Ace had carefully used the whole team to their best strengths and awarded him his A. Machine Robo Out of Action! He was later given the run-around by the cadets as they tried to keep up with Jay's attempts to buy a bag of rice. The Greatest Errand of All Time


Miyajima attempted to provide support for MRR when they were dispatched to Kanameshima after a volcanic eruption, but neither Jay nor Taiyoh heeded his caution when attacking Hell Island. While they shattered the base the move only revealed Kaiser-G's huge body Activate, Kaiser-G! and both cadets were seemingly lost. Miyajima and the other staff then had to try and coordinate the remaining cadets after Kaiser-G caused a chain of destruction across the Pacific on his way to Tokyo, where he set the meteorite Tartarus on collision course with Earth. A Looming Catastrophe! MRR rallied and after the recovered Taiyoh and Jay joined the battle. Kaiser-G was ultimately defeated, and Earth was saved from the meteorite. All Hands on Deck, Save the Planet! The defeat of the Disasters didn't end the need for MRR and even on their graduation day the cadets had to attend multiple rescues. They arrived back at Rescue Headquarters exhausted, only to be told by Miyajima they would still have to attend the ceremony. There, Chief Bitou announced his plan to set up International Hyper Rescue, with Miyajima taking his place as head of MRR's Japanese branch. While Miyajima was once again uneasy talking before a crowd he was clearly touched by Chief Bitou's praise and excited about the role. Fly, MRR!


He later appointed Ace, Alice and Shō as the new instructors at MRR as a new intake of cadets joined the organisation, having grown a beard and donned a suit along the way. His style had clearly rubbed off, as Ace punished the new class by ordering them to clean the hangars after very little provocation. Sortie! Overseeing the new generation of MRR didn't stop him trading good-natured barbs with Sasaki either - while his old friend had returned to the Metropolitan Police Force he had overseen Makoto's setting up of the force's new Machine Robo Division as part of the wider International Hyper Rescue initiative, much to Miyajima's quiet delight. Machine Robo Rescue Special - New Year's Day!