Activate, Kaiser-G!

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Machine Robo Rescue
Episode 48
"Activate, Kaiser-G!"
("Kidō, kaizā G!")
Production company Sunrise
Yomiko Advertising
TV Tokyo
Airdate December 3, 2003
Written by Hiroyuki Yoshino
Directed by Takeyuki Sadohara
Animation studio Sunrise

The full extent of Kaiser-G's plans become horribly clear.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]


Machine Robo Rescue are called in after an explosion at an observatory. When Taiyoh hears one of the staff is still trapped inside he impulsively sprints in; as he reaches the man the observatory collapses, and he is lucky to escape with only minor wounds. After patching him up back at the dorm, Lin scolds him for his rashness, while Ace complains to the instructors about Taiyoh's inability to follow orders. Miyajima fobs him off, telling him to simply keep an eye on his team-mate. Meanwhile neither Professor Suidōbashi or Kai are having any luck contacting Kanameshima, an island surrounded by a strange mist that is blocking all scanning and communications, while the weather is too rough for ships to approach. Inevitably the Mizushima clan are among those trapped - while BL Police Robo is also on the island. Meanwhile in his office Chief Bitou is looking at an old photo album - that contains pictures of him with Doctor Kaiser - as he looks over the data Makoto and Jay brought back from Hell Island. He thinks back to their days working together developing the Machine AI system. Kaiser reacted furiously to news that the system would be used for military purposes. However, Brad decided to back the choice due to the need to continue the research. Kaiser locked himself in his office and activated the Machine AI before an accident destroyed the facility, and Kaiser has been missing ever since. On Kanameshima, BL Police Robo triggers a volcanic reaction, causing a distress call to be sent. Despite the inability to find out more about what's going on the cadets volunteer to go in, with Chief Bitou approving. Wing Liner, Siren Galley, Gear Dump, the Jet Team, V Stealth Robo, the Gyro Team, the Submarine Team and Machine Commander are all launched.


They soon arrive at Kanameshima and begin rescue operations. Jet Robo and V Stealth Robo switch to Hyper Modes while Ace activates Machine Commander Robo, setting out to stop the lava flowing from the volcano as the others begin to evacuate the island's people to the transporters. However, the cloud surrounding Hell Island is moving closer. Taiyoh feels they have to stop its' approach. Back at Headquarters, Professor Suidōbashi has finished analysing the data they have on the Disasters, and Chief Bitou recognises the new weapon as something designed by Doctor Kaiser. He realises Kaiser's plan is to gain control of all the volcanos along the Pacific ring for a simultaneous eruption. At that moment Colonel Hazard unleashes bombing attack from Hell Island, and Taiyoh convinces Hyper Jet Robo they have to go on the attack; Miyajima sends Jay and Hyper V Stealth Robo after them, but they join them in the assault instead. Machine Commander Robo and Hyper Gyro Robo deal with the bombs, with help from the Aider Robo. Above, Jet and Stealth fire into the shaft in Hell Island, which promptly disintegrates - only to reveal the gigantic new body of Kaiser-G. Taiyoh and Jay attack but Kaiser-G effortlessly swats their Machine Robo out of the sky before using gravity powers to pin Machine Commander Robo, Hyper Gyro Robo and Hyper Submarine Robo to the ground before devastating the island with a blast from its' mouth. be continued!

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

"It's your duty. Try harder."

Jet Robo motivating Kai

Notes[edit | edit source]


Continuity notes[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first appearance of the completed Kaiser-G, after numerous teasing voice-only or largely-hidden appearances.

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Foreign localization[edit | edit source]


  • Title: "Activate, Kaizer G!"
  • Original airdate: ?

Home video releases[edit | edit source]


2003Machine Robo Rescue Vol 12 (Sunrise)