Good Luck Taiyoh

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Machine Robo Rescue
Episode 23
"Good Luck Taiyoh"
("Ganbare taiyō")
Production company Sunrise
Yomiko Advertising
TV Tokyo
Airdate June 11, 2003
Written by Hiroyuki Yoshino
Directed by Masakazu Hishida
Animation studio Sunrise

The fall-out of Jet Robo's defeat and Stealth Robo's origin continues.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]


After his defeat by Hyper Stealth Robo, Jet Robo plummets towards Earth from orbit, where the Disasters Machine Robo is being contained by the new Space Robo Supporter Robo until Jay scatters them with a missile attack. The Sky Robo try to slow Jet as he crashes into Minamitobi Island. Back at Rescue Headquarters they are unable to raise Taiyoh, and Sayuri notices Hyper Stealth Robo is also heading for the island. Chief Bitou orders Blue Sirens and Yellow Gears into action in order to intercept. Meanwhile Ikaros 1 is now out of danger from fire, and Miyajima tells Ace of the grim situation for Taiyoh and Jet, but reminds him they still have work to do. Alive but battered and unconscious inside the smashed Jet Robo, Taiyoh dreams of the plane crash that killed his parents while above Jay arrives and prepares to finish him off with Hyper Stealth Robo. However, Gyro Robo arrives and Jay realises the Helicopter Robo, Siren Galley, Gear Dump and Police Robo are all closing on his location. After the Gyro Team force Hyper Stealth Robo to land Drill Robo rams him into the sea, where the Submarine Team are waiting. Makoto is able to get inside Jet Robo and find Taiyoh, alive but in need of medical attention, and the cadets prepare to extract him. The Machine Robo have surrounded Hyper Stealth Robo, but Jay launches a barrage of missiles at the crash site. Makoto switches Police Robo to Hyper Mode and he deals with the projectiles, with the other Robo Masters also commanding their Machine Robo into Hyper Mode. Makoto then activates a ZONE so they can battle Stealth while Taiyoh is safely moved. However, at Jay's command Stealth Robo is able to counter and prevent the ZONE from forming, instead vanishing. Taiyoh awakens in hospital, worried about Jet - and is told by Bone he is undergoing repairs at base.


Meanwhile Lin and Kai are floating in orbit onboard Shuttle 12, getting no response to their distress signals and only around 24 hours of oxygen remaining. Marie Bitou assures Kai rescue efforts are underway, as Arias and Miyajima have both returned from space. While injured, Honda has regained consciousness. At Headquarters everyone looks on shocked as Taiyoh demolishes a huge succession of meals. Miyajima offers him a couple of days leave but Taiyoh demurs as he'd have no-one to visit anyway. He then asks Miyajima if he rescued him from the plane crash as his memories begin to return. While Miyajima is worried, Taiyoh chirpily thanks him and asks to see Jet. Miyajima tells him Jet is not only being repaired but upgraded so he can undertake space operations. Before he lets Taiyoh see, Miyajima takes the boy on a biplane flight, putting the plane into a steep dive in order to show Taiyoh his trauma - a fear of flying - has returned along with his memories. Later the three instructors talk to Chief Bitou about Taiyoh when Makoto enters his office with some questions about Stealth Robo and its' ability to deploy a ZONE. Meanwhile Taiyoh visits Jet and the Sky Robo. He is joined in the hangar by Professor Suidōbashi, who blames himself for the defeat due to the time taken to complete the Space Robo. They are interrupted by Marie calling an emergency meeting of all Machine Robo Rescue personnel. Meanwhile Shuttle 12's oxygen is down to 17 hours remaining when Stealth Robo suddenly appears outside, jamming their communications. At Headquarters, Chief Bitou addresses the assembled cadets and instructors. He tells them that 10 years ago scientists used the facility to begin developing Machine Robo. However, the initial process was fraught as many parties wanted to use the robots for war, leading to the creation of Stealth Robo as a prototype. However, he proved to be even more powerful than expected and the project was redirected towards creating rescue Machine Robo. Suidōbashi tells the MRR Machine Robo that they are not weapons of destruction, while Chief Bitou bows to the cadets for making his dream of Machine Robo Rescue a reality. The instructors - especially Marie - are shocked by the revelation, but the meeting is interrupted when word reaches them of Stealth Robo finding Shuttle 12. Jay tells the occupants he plans on using them as hostages to draw MRR into battle. Miyajima is quick to realise Jay is letting enough information through to use them as bait in a trap, and overrules Taiyoh's plan to take the repaired Jet Robo back out. Taiyoh collapses tearfully as time continues to run out for Lin and Kai. be continued!

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  • Title: "Come On! Taiyoh!"
  • Original airdate: ?

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2003Machine Robo Rescue Vol 06 (Sunrise)