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Tōru Suidōbashi (水道橋 通) is a human who works for Machine Robo Rescue.

He worked with Brad Bitou to create the Machine Robo and acts as engineer for the organisation, repairing and upgrading the Machine Robo from the Machine AI Laboratory. While the 15-year old genius can be irascible it is only because of his passion for rescue work. Tōru is the son of former Rescue Red member Shin Suidōbashi and grandson of Brad Bitou's old friend Hikaru Suidōbashi.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Kazuma Horie

Despite losing the use of his legs, Professor Suidōbashi dedicated himself to rescue work, and his intelligence was crucial to Chief Bitou's plans for MRR. The Professor also learnt the value of teamwork as he needed goodwill from others in his day-to-day life, which helped him realise the potential of humans working together. The Mysterious Superhero Captain Miracle He was aware of Stealth Robo's links to the Machine AI programme but kept the secret until Chief Bitou told everyone else. Good Luck Taiyoh


After MRR's initial missions proved to be a success he continued to work on further Machine Robo for the operation, beginning with Submarine Robo and the Aqua Robo. Chief Bitou and his daughter Marie joined him for the final trials of the new Submarine Team onboard the Cube 1 submersible. However, one of the craft's cables snapped, trapping them underwater with limited oxygen. Yellow Gears were scrambled to help and Shō was sent down in a second Cube. Following the Professor's instructions he was able to activate Submarine Robo and save the trio. I am Submarine Robo When Submarine Robo's nonconformist personality caused Marie problems at Rescue Headquarters she contacted the Professor for help but he was busy working on the Space Robo and wasn't particularly interested anyway. Do You Like Hangars? The Space Robo weren't complete in time to join Red Wings' mission to Ikaros 1 but were rushed up when the team were ambushed by Jay and Stealth Robo; however, they were unable to prevent Taiyoh and Jet Robo being knocked out of orbit. Good Luck Taiyoh He later apologised to Taiyoh for the late arrival of the new Supporter Robo and oversaw the damaged Jet being repaired and modified as Shuttle Robo, optimised for space operations and much needed to rescue Lin and Kai, still stranded in space. Good Luck Taiyoh Ace was slated to replace Taiyoh for the rescue mission and the Professor's analysis indicated he was 10% more efficient than the usual Robo Master; however, the cadets conspired to place Taiyoh onboard for the launch anyway. Taiyoh Ohzora, Into Space! The rescue was a success but when Shuttle Robo moved on to the International Space Station the cadets found it overran by killer plants. In order to get reinforcements up to help them the Professor unveiled his new but untested Machine Commander, which successfully launched to get Ace, Daichi, Makoto, Ken and Alice to the station to help. Save the Space Station!


The Professor later expounded on the abilities of Machine Commander, such as its' capability to use a ballistic course to rapidly reach any emergency on Earth and to combine at Machine Commander Robo if the Robo Masters piloting its' modules were able to operate in harmony. He was later stunned when Fire Robo was able to retrieve the Aider Robo from BL Fire Robo, having believed the process to be scientifically impossible. Combine! Machine Commander Robo He created the Hyper Disaster Prevention House, a hologrammatic training facility, at the Machine AI Laboratory. He put the cadets through their paces while being badgered by hammy superhero Captain Miracle and his army of Marie-voiced helper droids, and raised their ire with his criticisms of their performances. Kai argued that the cadets had demonstrated considerable skill in the field and the Professor was eventually mollified to some degree, though he pointed out his exacting standards were designed to make them better rescue workers. At Sayuri's urging he joined the cadets in a salute to "Try the Miracle! Love is a Miracle!", Captain Miracle's catchphrase. Despite his embarrassment the Professor joined in - only for the odd ritual to be interrupted by the bemused Leader Robo. The Mysterious Superhero Captain Miracle


After Jay defected to MRR, Stealth Robo was recovered from an undersea volcano and put in the care of the Professor at the Machine AI Laboratory. He was unable to get much information about the Disasters from the robot's systems and was unable to stop him from leaving when Jay and others were placed in danger by BL Drill Robo. Jay, Join the MRR! While Stealth survived the battle his Tank Robo were burnt out. The Professor therefore rebuilt him as V Stealth Robo, with his weaponry largely replaced with rescue equipment and his Hyper Mode reconfigured to use the Power Wing and Mega Booster instead of Supporter Robo. Birth! V Stealth Robo He also modified V Stealth so he could combine with Machine Commander Robo as part of MRR's Victory Plan, resulting in the powerful Machine Commander Robo V. However, it took Stealth Robo some time to realise the value of working as a team before the combination could be unlocked. Professor Suidōbashi was also able to decrypt enough from Stealth Robo's files to discover the Disasters' base was Hell Island. The Strongest Combination! Machine Commander Robo V When a collision between the liner Poseidon and an oil tanker off Rescue Headquarters coincided with the disabling of the Leader Robo the Professor and his technicians were mystified. Musashi Miyajima led the cadets and Supporter Robo to render assistance while Suidōbashi worked on the problem, but it was only after some prompting from Bone that he was able to connect it to a freak resonance from the engine of the Poseidon. Once the cadets were able to turn the engine off the Professor oversaw the successful rebooting of the Leader Robo. Machine Robo Out of Action!


Following his landing on Hell Island, Makoto was able to gather additional data on the Disasters. The Professor was able to decode this, allowing Chief Bitou to realise it was the work of his old colleague Doctor Kaiser - but not in time to prevent him from activating his huge body, now known as Kaiser-G. Activate, Kaiser-G! He was unable to make much headway into hacking Kaiser-G's systems as MRR reeled from his power, with the monster moving towards Tokyo and setting the meteorite Tartarus on collision course with Earth. A Looming Catastrophe! He worked to repair V Stealth Robo and Jet Robo after they were knocked into a volcano by Kaiser-G, reconfiguring the latter as Shuttle Robo, and was able to discover Kaiser-G's weak spot. This allowed a group of cadets to get onboard and plant explosives that disabled Kaiser-G long enough for Hyper Shuttle Robo and Machine Commander Robo V to deflect Tartarus before finishing off the enemy. All Hands on Deck, Save the Planet! After the Disasters were defeated, Professor Suidōbashi joined Chief Bitou in setting up International Hyper Rescue, discussing his vision with Taiyoh after the cadets' graduation ceremony. Fly, MRR!


Professor Suidōbashi worked on designing the new generation of Machine Robo with the aid of Daichi, who was now head of Hayami Heavy Industries. However due to Drill Robo taking a nap while watching over him their latest creation - the innovative Mugenbine prototype Air Leon - escaped and ran across Tokyo. Sortie! Thankfully he headed straight to Rescue Headquarters, giving Daichi, Drill and the Professor a chance to catch up with now-instructors Ace, Alice and Shō. Machine Robo Rescue Special - New Year's Day!

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Much of the Professor's backstory is only hinted at or skimmed over. Flashbacks show him in a wheelchair from a relatively early age (though not until after the family portrait shown) and there are very slight hints that his paraplegia is a result of the disastrous launch of Stealth Robo.
  • Likewise, his father and grandfather are never shown in the present. This information seems to have been seeded as a plot arc which was never really explored.
  • He is also openly credited as the creator of the Submarine Team, Shuttle Team and Machine Commander, as well as the rebuilding of the Jet Team as the Shuttle Team and Stealth Robo as V Stealth Robo. It is likely he designed the other MRR Machine Robo simply because there are few other candidates in the timescale shown, but it is not clear.
  • Despite spending the series in a wheelchair his animation model (shown at the top of this article) shows him standing.