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The MR-01S Sky Robo (スカイロボ) are Supporter Robo that are part of Machine Robo Rescue's Red Wings, as part of the Jet Team.

The four Sky Robo combine with Jet Robo to form Hyper Jet Robo. Each has limited AI.


Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: ?

The Sky Robo were first deployed when a fire broke out at the Landmark Tower after Taiyoh Ohzora talked Jet Robo into flying out, following the boy's hunch that Jun Mizushima was still trapped in the burning building. Jet Robo was immediately ambushed by a Gura Gorro. He kept the Disaster busy while Taiyoh reached Jun and then used his K-BOY to order the Sky Robo to combine with Jet Robo, forming Hyper Jet Robo. He was then able to defeat the Gura Gorro. Commence the Rescue Combination!! When a forest fire threatened a chemical factory the Red Wings team deployed in Wing Liner, the Sky Robo assisted Jet in dropping canisters of extinguishing foam on the blaze. Blazing Fire Fighter! Sky Robo 2 was controlled by Taiyoh in a race at Rescue Headquarters, though the cadet's unorthodox tactics of kicking along the cargo they were meant to be carrying infuriated Musashi Miyajima. It's Party Time! Drill Robo The Jet Team were later sent to deal with the out-of-control Sky Dolphin remote control cargo aircraft. They were attacked by Stealth Robo until Taiyoh was able to activate the Jet Team's Hyper Mode, before the team escorted the Sky Dolphin to a successful emergency landing. The Thunderous Stealth Robo The Jet Team were then part of the MRR response to the eruption of Kaga Mountain, with Taiyoh activating their Hyper Mode in order to give Jet the strength and speed to escape another eruption. After the operation, Taiyoh was assigned as the team's permanent Robo Master. Aim to be a Robo Master!


The Jet Team were again called into action when climbers became stranded on Himaru Mountain but were ambushed again by Stealth Robo, and even after switching to Hyper Mode didn't help as Jet took considerable damage from the Disasters Machine Robo's laser cannons. Avalanches ended the fight, leaving Jet to dig Taiyoh and the remaining climber out but needed heavy repairs on return to Rescue Headquarters. Clash! Jet vs. Stealth During an operation in Ōguchi valley the Jet and Fire Teams used an EX Combination, exchanging two of the Sky Robo with two of the Aider Robo - allowing both Hyper Mode Machine Robo to fly and combat the fires simultaneously. Look Out! Combination EX The Jet Team later supported the rest of Red Wings when a fire caused by a Gura Gorro broke out at a floating industrial complex. Industrial Complex Panic! At the MRR open day the Jet Team were victorious in mock battles against Hyper Police Robo and Hyper Drill Robo. And Taiyoh is Fine! The Jet Team then had a third encounter with Stealth Robo; however, on this occasion Jay had been able to get inside the Machine AI Laboratory and recover Stealth's K-BOY, reactivating the Tank Robo. With Stealth able to enter Hyper Mode, Hyper Jet Robo found himself outmatched and was only spared destruction through the arrival of Police Robo and Drill Robo as reinforcements. The Invincible Hyper Stealth Robo!


Jet Robo and the Sky Robo carried a second Cube submersible to a rescue site when Brad Bitou, Marie Bitou and Professor Tōru Suidōbashi became trapped underwater. I am Submarine Robo The Jet Team later joined Fire Robo in combatting a blaze at an industrial complex, where they once again used an EX Combination to allow both to fly and extinguish the blaze. Fear of the Fire Storm Red Wings were later dispatched to the Ikaros 1 orbital spaceport to help with realignment of satellites, but once again they came under attack from Stealth Robo. Jet and Taiyoh set out to stop them but while Jet was capable of spaceflight he wasn't optimised for it, while Stealth Robo was. Despite the arrival of the Professor's new Space Robo, Jet Robo had two of the Sky Robo blown away before being shot down and plummeting down towards Earth. Debut, 30000 Metres! Despite the efforts of the Sky Robo to slow their fall, Jet Robo and Taiyoh landed hard on Minamitobi Island. While they both survived the Jet Team needed substantial repairs. Good Luck Taiyoh


With Colonel Hazard usurping Jay, Stealth Robo attempted to demonstrate his worth to the Disasters by kidnapping Taiyoh and forcing Jet into single combat. Jet was enraged enough to comply, but with Taiyoh reluctant the result was a draw that left both damaged before Hazard intervened to take Stealth Robo and Jay away. Enter! BL Machine Robo Hazard then sent BL Fire Robo to cause destruction at an industrial complex in order to draw MRR out; Red Wings belatedly realised and the Jet Team were called in to back up Fire Robo. However, they were unable to stop BL Fire Robo taking possession of the Aider Robo even though they brought the fires under control. Colonel Hazard's Trap! When Red Wings were dispatched to search for survivors of a plane crash in the Amazon, Jet was sent to ferry one of the injured to hospital. On his return he learnt that Taiyoh and Ace, along with a young boy named Ricky, had become lost in the jungle. The Jet Team joined the search and located them in time to save them from immolation at the hands of BL Fire Robo, and then the Jet Team helped put out the forest fire. Survival of the Fittest! After Hazard used BL Drill Robo to draw out the defecting Stealth Robo and Jay, Jet Robo arrived to help Stealth Robo battle the BL Machine Robo, allowing his former rival to use the Sky Robo in an EX Combination after his own Tank Robo were burnt out. Jay, Join the MRR! Along with the other Leader Robo, Jet Robo was disabled by a freak resonance when the liner Poseidon's engine was damaged by a collision with an oil tanker near Rescue Headquarters. The cadets swung into action with just the Supporter Robo while the Professor worked on the problem, with Lin Haruka using the Sky Robo to freeze the oil spill and transport it to safety. Machine Robo Out of Action!


As Kaiser-G's plans reached fruition and he threatened an island off Japan all of MRR were scrambled to try and stop him. Along with V Stealth Robo, Hyper Jet Robo was able to evade a bombardment of Gura Gorro suicide troops and attack Hell Island; however, after they shattered it they were confronted by the huge body Kaiser-G had built himself within, which effortlessly swatted them aside. Activate, Kaiser-G! Jet and V Stealth attacked again but were again easily defeated, and knocked into a volcano. The rest of MRR were forced to withdraw and deal with the catastrophes caused by Kaiser-G triggering numerous other volcanos on the Pacific ring of fire. The pair were able to protect their Robo Masters from death but were grievously damaged and needed considerable repairs following their recovery. A Looming Catastrophe! Jet was instead reconfigured as Shuttle Robo by the Professor, meaning the Sky Robo were absent when he eventually worked with Machine Commander Robo V to deflect the meteorite Tartarus from a collision course with Earth and then finally destroy the Disasters' creator. All Hands on Deck, Save the Planet! They helped fight a fire at the Wonderland Amusement Park and rescue a huge submarine before attending the MRR graduation. Fly, MRR! After the formation of International Hyper Rescue the Sky Robo remained attached to the organisation Sortie! but was now based at the new Saba International base in Africa, working with Taiyoh and Bone on rescue work in the country. Machine Robo Rescue Special - New Year's Day!

Go! Go! Rescue!
Go! Go! Rescue!

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Machine Robo Rescue[edit]

Rescue Combination[edit]

  • Jet Robo (2003)
    • Accessories: none
Sky Robo was released in Bandai's Machine Robo Rescue toyline in 2003, with four of them included in the Jet Robo set. Sky Robo can convert from robot to jet mode, and also form either an arm or a leg for any Hyper Mode. The only difference between the four figures is the number tampographed on each one's chest. The figure is very basic, having only limited shoulder articulation and a single Takara-style big, solid lower leg. Sky Robo was later recoloured as Space Robo The figure was only available as part of the Jet Robo set, which retailed at ¥2500.
  • Like the rest of Machine Robo Rescue, Sky Robo was not released outside of Japan.


Machine Robo Variations[edit]

  • Blizzard Color (2003)
    • Accessories:
A pair of recoloured Sky Robo was also sold as part of the Machine Robo Variations Blizzard Color set released in November 2003, with a new white and blue colour scheme. The set also included two appropriately recoloured versions of each of Helicopter Robo, Bike Robo and Tank Robo, as well as a recoloured Jet Robo. The instructions detailed five "official" combination modes and encouraged buyers to find more, further foreshadowing the upcoming Machine Robo Mugenbine line. The set retailed at ¥3980.
  • Like the rest of Machine Robo Rescue, the set was not released outside of Japan.



Super Performance![edit]

Figurines of all five Sky Robo were included in the Super Performance figure sets. The Jet Team set also included figurines of Jet Robo (in both of his modes) and a Gura Gorro. The set sold in a round plastic tub styled after the Rescue Headquarters launch tower, and retailed at ¥1200.

DX Machine Robo Rescue[edit]

Part of the first series of DX Machine Robo Rescue candy toys, Jet Robo was a non-converting plastic model of the character in Hyper Mode configuration with limited painted details. The Sky Robo are present as the arms and legs, which could be detached and switched with the limbs of any other figure in the range but cannot be changed into any other configurations. The figure also came with small unpainted versions of Jet Robo in both his robot and jet modes. Each blind-boxed figure retailed at ¥300.

Sortie! Machine Robo Rescue Real Collection[edit]

Part of the first series of Sortie! Machine Robo Rescue Real Collection figurines, Jet Robo was a non-converting model of the character in Hyper Mode configuration with painted details. The Sky Robo were again present as the arms and legs, which could be detached and switched with the limbs of any other figure in the range but cannot be changed into any other configurations.. Each blind-boxed figure retailed at ¥200.


  • Supplemental material establishes that the Sky Robo are 7.6m tall and weigh 8.8t.