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The MR-02S Helicopter Robo (ヘリコプターロボ) are Supporter Robo that are part of Machine Robo Rescue's Blue Sirens, as part of the Gyro Team.

The four Helicopter Robo combine with Gyro Robo to form Hyper Gyro Robo. Each has limited AI.


Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: ?

After they were completed, the Helicopter Robo were dispatched to America, where the high crime rates would make it easy for the Gyro Team to gather experience. However, Gyro Robo's flair for kinetic solutions to problems gleaned a fair amount of news coverage but infuriated the police he was meant to be working with; as such when Koshiro Sasaki contacted them for help when Sunrise Dam came under Gura Gorro attack the Americans were only to happy to ship Gyro and his Helicopter Robo over to Japan. They arrived in time to help Police Robo battle the overpowered Gura Gorro, though Gyro needed a bit of badgering to actually behave himself and focus on the rescue. He set up a ZONE and successfully contained the Gura Gorro while Susumu made the dam safe with the Helicopter Robo, and then vanquished the attacker in Hyper Mode. Whirlwind! Gyro Robo


After joining MRR, they were added to the Blue Sirens team. Laughter Can Save the World! The Helicopter Robo then helped Susumu and Tsuyoshi lift a crane off their father before joining with Gyro Robo to combat a Gura Gorro. Chief Bitou was impressed with the operation, and appointed the Utada brothers joint Robo Masters for the Gyro Team. Finished! Triple Tornado At the MRR open day Hyper Gyro Robo lost a mock battle against Hyper Fire Robo. And Taiyoh is Fine! The Blue Sirens team were assigned to security of the new Takion high-speed train, with Susumu following the maiden voyage in Gyro Robo, backed up by the Helicopter Robo. Gyro Robo switched to Hyper Mode to help rescue the train after it was hijacked and ward off Stealth Robo. Arise! Siren Galley Robo After Taiyoh and Jet Robo were knocked out of orbit by Stealth Robo battling near Ikaros 1 in Earth orbit, the Gyro Team joined the response. The massed number of MRR Machine Robo were able to persuade Stealth Robo to keep his distance, allowing Taiyoh and the Jet Team to be recovered. Good Luck Taiyoh The Gyro Team and the Fire Team were dispatched to deal with a tower block fire, one of several "accidents" MRR soon found out were Colonel Hazard's way of announcing his arrival as the new commander of the Disasters. Enter! BL Machine Robo


Along with the other Leader Robo, Police Robo was disabled by a freak resonance when the liner Poseidon's engine was damaged by a collision with an oil tanker near Rescue Headquarters. The cadets swung into action with just the Supporter Robo while Professor Tōru Suidōbashi worked on the problem. The Helicopter Robo were put to use ferrying containers full of passengers back and forth from the stricken ship. Machine Robo Out of Action! As Kaiser-G's plans reached fruition and he threatened the island of Kanameshima all of MRR were scrambled to try and stop him. However, even in Hyper Mode Gyro Robo was unable to do much against Kaiser-G. Activate, Kaiser-G! Jet and V Stealth continued to attack but were again easily defeated, and knocked into a volcano. The rest of MRR were forced to withdraw and deal with the catastrophes caused by Kaiser-G triggering numerous other volcanos on the Pacific ring of fire. Kaiser-G was able to move on to Tokyo, setting the meteorite Tartarus on a collision course with Earth. A Looming Catastrophe! All of MRR scrambled to fight him but Hyper Gyro Robo again found himself unable to combat Kaiser-G, who was eventually defeated by the joint efforts of the cadets - with Gyro Robo catching the group that climbed onboard Kaiser-G to set explosives - Hyper Shuttle Robo, V Stealth Robo and Machine Commander Robo. All Hands on Deck, Save the Planet! The defeat of Kaiser-G and the Disasters didn't end MRR's work, however, and even on the day of their graduation Gyro Robo had to help recover a large submarine. Fly, MRR!

Following the formation of International Hyper Rescue, the Gyro Team remained attached to MRR Sortie! and Gyro Robo worked with the Utadas fighting crime in America.



Machine Robo Rescue[edit]

Rescue Combination[edit]

  • Gyro Robo (2003)
    • Accessories: blade (4), twin blaster (4)
Helicopter Robo was released in Bandai's Machine Robo Rescue toyline in April 2003, with four of them included in the Gyro Robo set. Helicopter Robo can convert from robot to helicopter mode, and also form either an arm or a leg for any Hyper Mode. The only difference between the four figures is the number tampographed on each one's chest. The twin blaster part can either be slung under the helicopter or - just about - held as a weapon in robot mode; even by Supporter Robo standards they're gawky-looking and basic - transformation consists of putting the arms alongside the body and squeezing them down. Their head design is based on the classic Gyro Robo. The figure was only available as part of the Gyro Robo set, which retailed at ¥2500.
  • Like the rest of Machine Robo Rescue, Helicopter Robo was not released outside of Japan.


Machine Robo Variations[edit]

  • Blizzard Color (2003)
    • Accessories: none
Two recoloured Helicopter Robo were also sold as part of the Machine Robo Variations Blizzard Color set, with a new-ish teal colour scheme. The set also included two appropriately recoloured versions of each of Sky Robo, Bike Robo and Tank Robo, as well as a recoloured version of Jet Robo. The set retailed at ¥3980.


DX Machine Robo Rescue[edit]

Part of the second series of DX Machine Robo Rescue candy toys, Gyro Robo was a non-converting plastic model of the character in Hyper Mode configuration with limited painted details. The Helicopter Robo are present as the arms and legs, which could be detached and switched with the limbs of any other figure in the range but cannot be changed into any other configurations. The figure also came with small unpainted versions of Gyro Robo in both his robot and jet modes. Each blind-boxed figure retailed at ¥300.

Sortie! Machine Robo Rescue Real Collection[edit]

Part of the first series of Sortie! Machine Robo Rescue Real Collection figurines, Gyro Robo was a non-converting model of the character in Hyper Mode configuration with painted details. The Helicopter Robo are present as the arms and legs, which could be detached and switched with the limbs of any other figure in the range but cannot be changed into any other configurations. Each blind-boxed figure retailed at ¥200.


  • Supplemental material gives Bike Robo's height as 7.6m and weight as 8.4t.
  • Outside of the combination footage the Helicopter Robo are seen in robot mode precisely once, and that in a wide shot during "Machine Robo Out of Action!". By way of recompense the animation model's extreme toy accuracy means their faces are clearly visible on the underside of the helicopter mode, so there's that. In fact it's possible that their awkward robot modes were part of the reason for this happening.
  • As such most of their actions in the show are as part of Hyper Gyro Robo, and they aren't even shown in the "flashforward" special episodes outside of the training video in "Sortie!", making it unclear whether they're also in North America fighting The Boss.