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A ZONE - or Orbital Exercise Zone - is an item of technology used by Machine Robo Rescue. Designed as an area for Machine Robo to train in safety, it is also be used to contain threats during emergencies since the emergence of the Disasters. Each Leader Robo can create a ZONE at any time. While a ZONE can absorb considerable damage they are not indestructible, and there are limitations to the technology. Only MRR reinforcements can enter the ZONE once it is activated.


Four types of ZONE are used:


Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit]

MRRE01 066ZONE.jpg

After Taiyoh Ohzora took Jet Robo to perform a rescue at Landmark Tower on his first day with MRR, Musashi Miyajima talked him through using the Machine Robo to activate a ZONE when a Gura Gorro attacked them. Commence the Rescue Combination!! As well as being used in further subsequent battles with the Gura Gorros it was also demonstrated to the crowd watching the MRR open day. And Taiyoh is Fine! However, when Police Robo attempted to activate a ZONE to contain Stealth Robo but all present were stunned when he did the same, cancelling out the MRR attempts and revealing the truth about the Disaster's origins as a Machine Robo. Good Luck Taiyoh However, Stealth Robo did not perform the same move the next time he combatted one of the MRR, as he wanted a battle with Jet Robo. Enter! BL Machine Robo Later the ZONE was little use when Fire Robo attempted contain BL Fire Robo, who was still able to take control of the Aider Robo from inside. Colonel Hazard's Trap! Kaiser-G was also able to counter formation of a ZONE. All Hands on Deck, Save the Planet! Ace, Alice and Shō told the new intake at MRR Japan about the ZONE during their initial orientation. Machine Robo Rescue Special - New Year's Day!


  • The 'rules' for deploying a ZONE in the show are not always consistent; there are several occasions when projecting one might have helped a situation (for a random example, catching Laura in "Emergency! Enter Battalion") and it's let slide for plot purposes.
  • Which ZONE is called up seems to be random.