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This article is about the Machine Robo Rescue character. For the character from the 1980s Machine Robo franchises, see Submarine Robo.

MR-06L Submarine Robo (サブマリンロボ) is a Machine Robo Leader Robo created for Machine Robo Rescue as part of the Yellow Gears.

He is Leader Robo of the Submarine Team and his Robo Master is Shō Ashikawa. He can combine with his Aqua Robo Supporter Robo to form Hyper Submarine Robo. He loves the sea and all its' creatures, considering himself their protector. Submarine Robo also has a relaxed approach to everything, much to the irritation of Yellow Gears instructor Marie Bitou.

As a Leader Robo he is capable of summoning a ZONE. In Hyper Mode he can use Finger Flash and Bubble Smash attacks.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Kenji Nojima

Submarine Robo and the Aqua Robo were completed after MRR had already become operational, with Chief Bitou, his daughter and inventor Professor Tōru Suidōbashi overseeing the final underwater trials before activation from the Cube 1 submersible, only for an accident to sever one of the cables connecting the vessel to its' support ship and preventing their recovery. Yellow Gears were dispatched to help and - as the best underwater operative on the team - Shō was sent down in second submersible. He was able to complete the activation of Submarine Robo, who was then linked to the cadet's K-BOY in time to fend off an opportunistic Gura Gorro attack. He was then able to enter Hyper Mode and rescue the Cube - before showing off his surfing skills, much to the embarrassment of Chief Bitou. I am Submarine Robo The newcomer was assigned to Yellow Gears but preferred not to join the other Leader Robo in the base's hangar and instead float around at sea. Shō, who wanted badly to become his Robo Master, made numerous near-suicidal attempts to reason with him, the majority of which went totally unnoticed by Submarine Robo. An attempt to get Drill Robo to talk him round was predictably awful too, as the other Yellow Gears Leader Robo was easily talked around to Submarine Robo's point of view and tried to join in hanging out underwater, only to disable himself as he was not waterproofed. The Submarine Team then set off alone to rescue a whale trapped on a freak iceberg, only relenting and letting Shō come along when it became clear the cadet was going to drown. Once they arrived they were ambushed and frozen by a Gura Gorro, but saved by the arrival of the Drill Team. This gave Shō time to order Submarine Robo into Hyper Mode, and he promptly trounced the attacker. The incident proved the value of teamwork to Submarine Robo, and he accepted Shō as his Robo Master. Do You Like Hangars?


After Taiyoh and Jet Robo were knocked out of orbit by Stealth Robo battling near Ikaros 1 in Earth orbit, the Submarine Team joined the response. The massed number of MRR Machine Robo were able to persuade Stealth Robo to keep his distance, with Drill charging him into the sea for Submarine Robo to attack, allowing Taiyoh and the Jet Team to be recovered. Good Luck Taiyoh His antics were later chosen as one of the funniest moments and and one of the best plays, honoured by Charmy Sato at the Who's the MVP? award show. MRR 24 Hours The Submarine Team were dispatched to deal with an oil pipeline accident but once it was under control they realised it was an act of intentional sabotage performed by Colonel Hazard. Enter! BL Machine Robo When Sayuri arranged a holiday for the cadets at her island mansion, Submarine Robo managed to get taken along for protection. In practice he largely clowned around in the water, soaking everyone when showing off his cannonball. He then proceeded to ask absolutely no questions whatsoever when Ken Minami asked him to raise a pirate galleon from the bottom of the sea. They were soon caught by everyone else, including a pair of holidaying Gura Gorros. As a result Drill was called as back-up, allowing Submarine Robo to perform and EX Combination with the Bulldozer Robo to get the strength to finish raising the ship for Ken's pirate ghost friends - again, not that anyone asked what it was all in aid of. Summer Holiday! Fear Vacation When Hazard took over the Uranos 2 communications airship Submarine Robo was the only person at Rescue Headquarters - and possibly on the planet - not to be disturbed by his bizarre broadcasts, but was nevertheless loaded on Machine Commander to help drive off the Disasters commander and BL Police Robo. Airship SOS! He later joined the other Leader Robo in embarrassing Makoto Aikawa by making a huge banner to wish him luck on his date with Aki Saotome. The Story of Makoto's First Love Submarine Robo visited the Machine AI Laboratory to have maintenance checks carried out, and joining his fellow Leader Robo in bemusement when he found the Professor and the cadets engaged in a bizarre salute initiated by Sayuri. The Mysterious Superhero Captain Miracle


After Jay and the rebuilt V Stealth Robo were accepted into MRR, the Leader Robo pondered which team they would join. Jay, Join the MRR! However, they found the rebuilt V Stealth Robo's lack of team spirit off-putting. When a trio of Disaster-made typhoons threatened a shipping vessel, the seas were too tumultuous for even Submarine Robo to go in, necessitating the dispatch of Machine Commander Robo. The Strongest Combination! Machine Commander Robo V Along with the other Leader Robo, Drill Robo was disabled by a freak resonance when the liner Poseidon's engine was damaged by a collision with an oil tanker near Rescue Headquarters. The cadets swung into action with just the Supporter Robo while the Professor worked on the problem. Submarine Robo was rebooted in time to join in the rescue efforts, entering Hyper Mode to separate the ships before using his Bubble Smash to seal the holes in the Poseidon's hull. Machine Robo Out of Action! He later was loaded onto Machine Commander to combat the Disasters' plan to take control of the Sunrise 1 satellite. The Greatest Errand of All Time


After Makoto and Jay disappeared near Hell Island, the Submarine Team were launched to search for them. The Secret of the Disasters As Kaiser-G's plans reached fruition and he threatened the island of Kanameshima all of MRR were scrambled to try and stop him. However, they were unable to do much against Kaiser-G, with even Hyper Submarine Robo being helpless. Activate, Kaiser-G! Jet and V Stealth continued to attack but were again easily defeated, and knocked into a volcano. The rest of MRR were forced to withdraw and deal with the catastrophes caused by Kaiser-G triggering numerous other volcanos on the Pacific ring of fire. Kaiser-G was able to move on to Tokyo, setting the meteorite Tartarus on a collision course with Earth. A Looming Catastrophe! All of MRR scrambled to fight him but Hyper Submarine Robo again found himself unable to combat Kaiser-G, who was eventually defeated by the joint efforts of the cadets Hyper Shuttle Robo, V Stealth Robo and Machine Commander Robo. All Hands on Deck, Save the Planet! The defeat of Kaiser-G and the Disasters didn't end MRR's work, however, and even on the day of their graduation the team recover a large submarine, with Hyper Submarine Robo's strength a key factor in the success of the operation. Fly, MRR!


Following the founding of International Hyper Rescue, the Submarine Team remained at Rescue Headquarters, where Shō was now the Yellow Gears instructor. Sortie! When the new Air Leon escaped from Hayami Heavy Industries and found his way to Rescue Headquarters the newcomer was introduced to Submarine Robo and Fire Robo, as were the new intake of cadets. Machine Robo Rescue Special - New Year's Day!

Toys[edit | edit source]

Submarine Robo and Hyper Submarine Robo, with Aqua Robo inset

Machine Robo Rescue[edit | edit source]

Rescue Combination[edit | edit source]

  • Submarine Robo (2003)
    • ID number: 07
    • Accessories: none
Submarine Robo was released in Bandai's Machine Robo Rescue toyline in 2003, and converts from robot to submarine mode. The toy was packed with four near-identical Aqua Robo Supporter Robo, which can combine with the robot mode to form Hyper Submarine Robo. Only the number on the chest of each Support Robo is different, but they are designed so that either can form an arm or a leg for the Hyper Mode. Due to the line's emphasis on compatibility these can be switched with any other Supporter Robo. Submarine Robo has articulation at the shoulders, and shares very similar engineering to Police Robo - being basically a very heavy retooling of that figure. While it's hard to make out on the toy - being clearer on the animation model - his helmet is styled on a submarine conning tower. The set retailed at ¥2500.
  • Like the rest of Machine Robo Rescue, Submarine Robo was not released outside of Japan.

Leader Robo[edit | edit source]

  • Submarine Robo (Leader Robo, 2003)
    • Accessories: none
Also as part of the ground-laying for Mugenbine unchanged Submarine Robo was also sold separately without the Support Robo from 27 December 2003, the Leader Robo plugs being compatible with the ports of Mugenbine sets. The figure retailed at ¥800.

Merchandise[edit | edit source]

DX Machine Robo Rescue[edit | edit source]

  • Submarine Robo (2003)
Part of the second series of DX Machine Robo Rescue candy toys, Submarine Robo was a non-converting plastic model of the character in Hyper Mode configuration with limited painted details. The arms and legs could be detached and switched with the limbs of any other figure in the range. The figure also came with small unpainted versions of Submarine Robo in both his robot and submarine modes. Each blind-boxed figure retailed at ¥300.

Sortie! Machine Robo Rescue Real Collection[edit | edit source]

  • Submarine Robo (2003)
Part of the second series of Sortie! Machine Robo Rescue Real Collection figurines, Submarine Robo was a non-converting model of the character in Hyper Mode configuration with painted details. The arms and legs could be detached and switched with the limbs of any other figure in the range. Each blind-boxed figure retailed at ¥200.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Supplemental material gives Submarine Robo's height as 7.7m and weight as 9.9t, and Hyper Submarine Robo's height as 12.9m and weight as 43.2t.