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Masayoshi Utada is a human from Japan, father to Blue Sirens members Susumu and Tsuyoshi and husband to Mrs. Utada.

He is a former wrestler who now runs a wrestling gym in Tokyo.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Toru Inada

Masayoshi had hoped his twin sons would follow him into a career in wrestling but they instead opted to join Machine Robo Rescue, something he wasn't thrilled about. However, he received the pair warmly when they visited him on weekend leave, together with Alice Beckham and Gyro Robo, both of whom Masayoshi rapidly took a shine to. In order to decide which one of the twins would go shopping with their mother, Masayoshi proposed a wrestling bout. The pair were naturally evenly matched until first Alice, then his protégé Carlos and finally Masayoshi himself piled in. This resulted in both Susumu and Tsuyoshi battered and not speaking to each other. The next morning Masayoshi made an early start to set up an arena for a wrestling show, only for a crane to collapse on him. Even the combined strength of his wrestlers was unable to lift but instead his sons arrived with Gyro Robo. A Gura Gorro attack delayed the rescue but Masayoshi was recovered successfully and left with an enhanced view of his sons' skills and choices. Finished! Triple Tornado Along with his wife, he was an enthusiastic member of the audience at MRR's open day And Taiyoh is Fine! and graduation. Fly, MRR!