A New Machine Robo Team Appears!

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Machine Robo: Battle Hackers
Episode 11
"A New Machine Robo Team Appears!"
Production company Ashi Productions
Airdate August 12, 1987
Written by Nobuaki Kishima
Directed by Naoyoshi Kusaka

Meet the Winner Robo - in a new twist they're not instantly objectionable!

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Synopsis[edit | edit source]


R. JeTan, Mach Blaster, Pro Truck Racer and Drill Crusher set out on patrol, leaving Header, Akira and the rest of the Battle Hackers sitting around bored. Meanwhile RIM picks up unidentified signals and so Blue Jet orders Blackbird Robo to check them out. Elsewhere the Gurendos have captured a group of Machine Robo and are forcing them to mine for resources; nearby are Dia Man and the Blue Dragons. Ruby Man tries to contact RIM for assistance but a storm interferes with their radio. They come under fire from Zarios, Falgos and Casmodon - but are rescued by fast, strange vehicles - the Winner Robo Dirt Robo, Racer Robo, Truck Racer Robo, Police Robo, Jetter Robo and Testarossa Robo. Above, the storm is impeding Blackbird Robo's search but he finds Mach Blaster. Meanwhile Roboshooter Gaiden explains to Dia Man that the Winner Robo have only just arrived on B-1 after a mission elsewhere. Dia Man tells them of the Gurendos and the enslaved Machine Robo at the mine as the four patrolling Battle Hackers find them. They all plan to work together to free the captives, though R. JeTan realises they have surrounded the operation with mines; Gaiden announces that he has an idea.


Roboshooter Gaiden uses his ability to launch the Winner Robo across the minefield at such speed that the explosives don't harm them, clearing a path for the Battle Hackers and Blue Dragons to follow. Pro Truck Racer destroys a guard tower and the Sitappas alert Kariagen, who sends the Devil Satan 6 to deal with the attackers. The Winner Robo battle them, allowing R. JeTan and the others to carry on past. After One is beaten by Truck Racer Robo he orders his team to combine but Dia Man is able to hit them with his eye-beams and prevent them from forming Devil Satan 6. Meanwhile the Battle Hackers make short work on the Sitappas but find the door to the main tower of the mine is protected by a forcefield. Kariagen taunts them and opens fire, but Mach Blaster is able to fly up and knock him out. He works on deactivating the forcefield, unaware Kariagen has revived; however, Pro Truck Racer has also climbed the tower and destroys the Gurendos' club before he can strike. Kariagen runs off while R. JeTan and Drill Crusher escort the hostages to safety. The Gurendos activates a self-destruct mechanism before fleeing in a shuttle. However, Roboshooter Gaiden is able to launch the Winner Robo to tow the other Machine Robo to safety while the Battle Hackers give lifts to those without vehicle modes. Roboshooter Gaiden then follows a tunnel made by Drill Crusher to safety.

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Home video releases[edit | edit source]


2003Machine Robo: Battle Hackers DVD-Box (Pioneer)