Muddy Duel

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Machine Robo: Battle Hackers
Episode 12
"Muddy Duel"
("doromamire no kettou")
Production company Ashi Productions
Airdate August 19, 1987
Written by Hideki Sonoda
Directed by Shinji Takahashi

The Great Adventure of the Dirty Four.

"Lost in Translation"

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Synopsis[edit | edit source]


Twincam Jimmy (ridden by Akira) and Rotary Kid (piloted by Zen) are being chased around a gigantic scrapyard by the Gurendos Sitappas - much to Jimmy's disgust, as muck keeps getting blown onto his bodywork by Kid's blades. Zen regrets even going on the mission, having volunteered himself and Akira to join the pair largely to impress Patricia, who is becoming frustrated at the group being stuck on B-1 with little to do. Airborne Teppodamans now take up the chase, pursing them towards missile batteries set up by Kariagen, but Twincam Jimmy evades them. However, there are plenty more traps afoot, and the Gurendos drop a huge abandoned chunk of a spaceship towards them. Gakurandar and Kariagen celebrate their demise. Back in the Algo Republic, Patricia tells Header she is worried about Akira and Zen while Mia hangs out with the other Wheelmen as they build new weapons and generally try to annoy her. R. JeTan meanwhile is sitting brooding on top of the base when a mechanical wasp arrives and plays a message from Gakurandar, boasting of his captives - the scout team actually survived the attack, though they're trapped and battered. They overhear the Gurendos stating that they've laid a trap for R. JeTan when he arrives with the Battle Hackers.


Zen is unable to get a radio working to warn R. JeTan; instead they can only send a simple signal and hope they're found. The scheme has been devised by Dylan - the computer that gives the Gurendos their orders. It threatens to have Gakurandar send into space and destroyed if he is not successful this time. Back in the Algo Republic, R. JeTan is reluctant to tell the other Battle Hackers of the message. Realising it is likely a trap he sets off by himself, not wanting to get his team trapped as well. When he arrives Gakurandar surrounds R. JeTan with fire before sending Sorikondar and Suji to attack him. He fights them off but Gakurandar sends in a huge number of Sitappas and Teppodamans. Zen hears the commotion and Rotary Kid is able to locate R. JeTan with his scanners. Gakurandar meanwhile is able to throw his cloak over the tiring R. JeTan and headbutt him, with Sorikondar and Kariagen then piling on. However, Rotary Kid is able to lead Twincam Jimmy, Akira and Zen to the surface and they prevent the Gurendos delivering a killing blow. The odds are still against them until the other Battle Hackers show up, Mach Blaster having tracked R. JeTan. Gakurandar calls a retreat and the Battle Hackers get back safely - however, all Patricia and Mia do is complain how badly the rubbish-caked scout party smell - though Zen is able to win Patricia over by giving her a flower he found in the middle of the trash.

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2003Machine Robo: Battle Hackers DVD-Box (Pioneer)