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Spy-Eye is a Guardian.


Fun Publications[edit]

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Transformers Timelines[edit]

During the Diaspora, Spy-Eye was dispatched to Level 72 along with an assortment of Guardians and Renegades. Cultural Appropriation TFWikiFavicon.png

Renegade Rhetoric[edit]

Operating as a scout, Spy-Eye spotted Anya Turgenova after the Renegades captured her to learn the secrets of the Space Hawk project. She was being transported to a secret Renegade base on the dark side of the moon. Unfortunately, the Renegades had allowed Spy-Eye to spy them, in order to lure the Guardians into a trap. The Hawks of Space Part 1

Spy-Eye was one of the Guardians who fell under Renegade control when Doctor Braxis's new Destabilizer Cannons also subverted his will. He acted as a lookout with Ace at the captured UNECOM base. Once Braxis Twice Shy Part 2

When the Guardians and Renegades participated in a basketball game for the fate of Earth, Cy-Kill naturally cheated. Once Leader-1 realized Cy-Kill was remotely controlling the basketball via Thruster, he summoned Wrong Way and Spy-Eye from Gobotron using the Astro Beam. As the game continued, Spy-Eye and Wrong Way sneaked aboard the Thruster. They located Doctor Go and destroyed the Naismith Radiation Generator. Double Dribble

"Echoes and Fragments"[edit]

As Sideways and Gong manipulated quantum strings to tie together two universal streams, the Decepticons staged an all-out assault on Guardian City on Earth. In defense of the base, Spy-Eye was destroyed fighting Starscream alongside Ace and Royal-T. Echoes and Fragments


European version with camouflage


Catalog spyeye.jpg
  • Spy-Eye (Super GoBots, 1986)
    • Guardian Robot Jet
    • ID Number: 36
Spy-Eye converts from robot to Panavia Tornado GR1. As part of the final round of Super GoBots, Spy-Eye was designed by Bandai specifically for the Western markets, as Machine Robo was losing support in Japan.