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An accurate cross-section of the Russian population.

The Soviet Union was a dozen or so countries in a woolly greatcoat on Earth. Like licensed cartoons based on toys, shoulder pads and leotards, it was big in the eighties, leading the Eastern Bloc to the runner's up spot in the Cold War, and is currently in the early stages of a reboot.

It included Russia and Siberia among its' geography, and the capital city is Moscow.


In Soviet Russia, Zod play with you.

Challenge of the GoBots[edit]

Anya Turgenova was a Soviet scientist, working at Stolbovoy Island in Sibera on sorium. After the Renegades used Zod to scatter the guards, they took the sorium and wrecked the lab, while Anya joined up with the Guardians and their human allies, despite initially believing the whole thing to be an American plot. Target Earth Her fears of having to go back to Siberia influenced her decision to scarper with the Guardians after Cy-Kill was defeated. The Final Conflict An industrial plant in Russia was plundered by Cy-Kill, something Anya reported to UNECOM. The Quest for Roguestar. Later the inhabitants of Moscow were among those sent to sleep by Cy-Kill using the Somnalizer. The Renegades' Rampage, Part II

Robo Machine featuring the Challenge of the GoBots Annuals[edit]

The Soviets were working on something called Project-X but mining of the ore they needed was disrupted by a reported dinosaur. Anya and Boris Bulkanikov set off to investigate, falling into a Renegade trap. They were freed by the Guardians, and Bulkanikov eventually agreed not to report Anya's friendship with the capitalist pigs to his superiors. The Capture of Comrade Boris

Go-Bots comic[edit]

After Nick Burns and his Go-Bot Leader-1 were summoned to the Pentagon by their superiors the ace pilot wondered if they were being sent on a mission to China or Russia. Instead they were dispatched to Route 66 in America, where they would have a fateful run-in with the rogue Go-Bot Cy-Kill. Issue 1



  • The original Challenge of the GoBots mini-series explicitly named Stolbovoy Island as the location of Anya's lab and mentioned Siberia by name but weirdly referred to her home as the "Eastern Bloc" and the "People's Republic". Neither the regular series nor the World Distributors annuals bothered with that, though.
  • Anya later works closely with UNECOM, suggesting the presence of GoBots on Earth thawed East-West relations much more quickly than in reality. Just one of the many reasons GoBots is great.
  • The Renegades Gunnyr (MiG-21) and Night Fright (Mi-24) both have toys with alternate modes modelled on Soviet Union aircraft.
  • What - if any - GoBots/Machine Robo toys or media came out in Russia is unknown.