Break Through the End of the Earth

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Machine Robo: Battle Hackers
Episode 27
"Break Through the End of the Earth"
("toppa seyo daichi no hate")
Production company Ashi Productions
Airdate December 2, 1987
Written by Hiroshi Ohnogi
Directed by Shinji Takahashi

Battle Hackers versus the blob.

"Lost in Translation"

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Synopsis[edit | edit source]


Miners on Electronic Planet B-1 are attacked by a moving, lethal sludge under the planet's surface. RIM alerts Blue Jet and Rod Drill, and the Battle Hackers are sent to investigate. Rotary Kid takes readings from the chasm but is unable to get much information beyond there being some sort of signal, so the team descend - leaving an unhappy Zen and happy Patricia behind. The underground of B-1 is a mystery; the planet was once spherical before an unknown cataclysm left just a chunk of it remaining. The Battle Hackers try to follow what signals Rotary Kid can pick up, and Roboshooter Gaiden fires more cables for the team to travel along, arriving over bright yellow fire lava. Akira tries to solve the problem by firing his bazooka into the substance, causing a huge reaction as the goo is actually sentient. Roboshooter Gaiden then tries to fire the Winner Robo over the ooze but they are sucked in; thankfully Drill Crusher is able to draw the stuff off so the Wheelmen can rescue the impetuous team. The Battle Hackers' combined firepower seems to vanquish the creature; Akira cheers, causing a glob of it to fall in his mouth. Meanwhile Rotary Kid finds a device he believes the Gurendos have been using to agitate and control the substance. The mass reconstitutes and prepares to attack them again but Roboshooter Gaiden and Drill Crusher are able to knock it even further down. R. JeTan then decides he needs to fly down and ensure it's defeated, doing so alone to Mach Blaster's protests. As he does so, B-1 is rocked by an underground explosion, panicking Patricia above.


At their Blood Country base Dylan explains the substance to Gakurandar; it is being controlled by Rikimines from a hidden base within the mines as his latest plot to destroy the Battle Hackers. Above Zen manages to calm Patricia briefly, though she still worries that the Battle Hackers are dead. Meanwhile Rikimines is spying on the other Battle Hackers as they make their way back towards the surface, dropping explosives down on them, causing a huge section of the underground tunnels to collapse. R. JeTan is nevertheless able to return to his team - the explosion having been him destroying the substance - though Jetter Robo has been injured. Rikimines sends in squads of Sitappas to further harass the Battle Hackers in a crystal area where combat is difficult. He challenges R. JeTan to single combat himself, disabling the R. Bazooka with throwing knives and holding his own. The Gurendos then tries to get away but his escape cable is destroyed by the Gattai Saurer team, dropping him down into the bowels on the planet. The remaining Gurendos flee and the Battle Hackers take the base - only to find a nearby city has been attacked while they were underground.

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Obviously the killer noxious sludge that falls in Akira's mouth doesn't do him any actual harm, that would be horrible. It's merely being another case of him being the writers' favourite comedy chew-toy.
  • Luke and Mia nearly kiss, much to Akira's distress and insane reaction.
  • Rikimines' HQ has badly-drawn 'Wanted' posters of R. JeTan, Mach Blaster, Drill Crusher and Gattai Saurer on the wall.

Home video releases[edit | edit source]


2003Machine Robo: Battle Hackers DVD-Box (Pioneer)