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A Power Pack is a small cubic unit used by GoBots to power weaponry such as Hand-blasters.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

When the Guardians imprisoned the Renegades on GoBotron's Prison Moon they removed all of their Power Packs so they couldn't use their weapons. However, when Blaster, Flip Top and Hans-Cuff came to take Cy-Kill to trial he attacked them with his wheels and in the commotion Fitor got free, jumped Hans-Cuff and grabbed his Power Pack, charging up his own weapons. As the pair escaped they released the other Renegades, who went looking for their own Power Packs so they could also use their weaponry. Crasher planned to catch Scooter and Nick to use as hostages but they escaped to the Moon of Knowledge; Cop-Tur and Destroyer found the Renegade Power Packs shortly afterwards anyway. Cy-Kill's Escape