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The Holo-projector is an item of Guardian equipment that can be used by a GoBot instead of hand-blasters. However, only one - Scooter - is known to be equipped with one.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

The holo-projector dovetailed well with Scooter's mix of cowardice and imagination. The cowardly Guardian frequently used it to hide himself and his friends when the Renegades had the upper hand, being able to quickly summon up highly realistic facsimiles of objects around them. He could also cast decoys of almost any size - even something like Courageous - to draw attention away. The projector was also capable of projecting a disguise around Scooter himself and moving with him so that he could resemble a Renegade such as Cy-Kill, especially when combined with Scooter's impressive mimicry; the only weak point being Scooter's variable nerve.

During a Renegade attack on his human friends A.J. Foster and Nick Burns, Scooter's holo-projector was damaged. Upset over his reliance on Small Foot during the fight Scooter travelled to GoBotron for repairs, and chose to ask Professor Von Joy to instead replace the unit with hand-blasters. While initially Scooter enjoyed the firepower he soon realised he was far more useful and fulfilled with the holo-projector, and soon switched back again. Scooter Enhanced