The Meteor Shower

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Sticker Fun
Sticker fun cover.jpg
Cy-Kill's rarely seen Bubble Tape gun
"The Meteor Shower"
Publisher Golden Press
First published 1986
Colors crayon
Page count 16

Rocks fall, nobody dies.


Page with stickers applied and background colored. Oh, like you never made the road pink for reasons you can't remember 30 years later.

After Beamer is nearly hit by a meteor, Leader-1 traces the source of the strange meteor showers to a nearby planet where Cy-Kill has set up meteor cannons. A battle ensues, and ends when the Renegades are driven off by an avalanche from their own stockpile of meteors.

Featured characters[edit]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)


"I'm Breezing out of this sorry scene!"

Breez's only line of dialogue ever.


  • This coloring book was part of the Wendy's promotion, and as such was one of the only appearances of the Wendy's GoBots until Renegade Rhetoric decades later.
  • In fact, it doesn't have anyone except the Wendy's GoBots and the two leaders.
  • The stickers were the kind you have to lick. They sadly did not taste like french fries.
  • Even getting all six different toys wouldn't guarantee a complete set of stickers.