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Karl-Lorimar Home Video was a company formed in 1984 when production firm Lorimar Television purchased home video purveyors Karl Video Corporation, best known for cultural phenomenon Jane Fonda's Workout. As well as packaging films from the Lorimar library for home video release (though for some time Lorimar-owned titles were released by CBS-Fox Video and their labels due to pre-existing deals), Karl-Lorimar also released kids TV shows under their Kideo Video imprint, with titles including M.A.S.K., Pole Position - and Challenge of the GoBots, or at least the original "Battle for GoBotron" mini-series; the regular series was released by Vestron Video. Karl-Lorimar was folded into Warner Brothers in 1988 (predating the acquisition of Lorimar-Telepictures itself by a year).


Home video[edit]

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