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Canada is a country in North America on Earth.



Tonka took over distribution of Machine Robo figures in Canada after Bandai's own attempt, Robot Machine Men, proved unsuccessful. The GoBots line in Canada was largely the same as that in the USA, though due to laws respecting the country's large French-speaking population all of the text on the packaging was rendered in both English and French. It would seem Canada received most of the mass-retail GoBots toyline; some figures are yet to be confirmed as having a Canadian release but this may be simply because the packaging for them is rare and has not yet surfaced. Pumper does appear to have been omitted, however.

As a result many Canadian releases have alternative names. Sometimes these are direct translations and sometimes they seem to be almost random. That the three different Leader-1 figures used three different names suggests Tonka were not especially resolute in working out the French for each character.



Vestron Video released episodes of the cartoon on VHS, including some translated into French as Les Defi des GoBots. It is not currently known if these releases used the Télétota dub made for the French market, a new dub or simply subtitled the cartoons.

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The country also originated a newspaper strip based on the franchise, centred on the Super GoBots and Puzzlers.