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This article is about the Robo Machine assortment. For the fictional planet, see Godaikin.

The Godaikin were an assortment of figures in the Robo Machine toyline, released by Bandai in Europe, taken from the Chogokin and Popynica series, originally by Popy and later by Bandai themselves.

GoDaiKin was a toyline launched in the USA by Bandai America in 1982 that attempted to import many of Popy's most famous Chogokin super-robot toys - including Tetsujin 28, Golion (shortly to find fame as Voltron), Gardian (later retooled as the Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos figure Baikanfu), Combattler, Voltes V, Daimos and several Super Sentai mecha. While they are beloved by many toy collectors the line was a financial failure, partly due to high prices caused by the cost of shipping the heavy robots over from Asia. Large quantities of unsold figures were dumped on the European market, with Robo Machine stickers covering the logo on the front of the box. Later a number of figures were added to the Robo Machine range with printed boxes and as an assortment name - and even incorporated into the monstrosity that is Robo Machine fiction.

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Godaikin[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • GoDaiKin figures known to have been released in Europe with Robo Machine stickers found to date:
    • Albega | Daimos | Dynaman (ST version) | Gardian
  • GoDaiKin figures advertised in Robo Machine catalogues:
    • Change Man | Daidenjin | Dynaman (DX) | Goggle V | Machine Dolphin | Shuttle Base | Sun Vulcan