Convertible Laser Gun

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Convertible Laser Gun is a Renegade.




  • Convertible Laser Gun (1985)
Produced by Playtime, Convertible Laser Gun transforms from a laser gun to a robot. It boasts two "laser like" sounds powered by a single 9-volt battery. The toy was one of several pre-existing items offered by secondary vendors that was granted GoBots licencing by Tonka, and as such isn't always considered part of the toyline. The GoBots aspect of the figure is limited to poorly applied stickers of the brand's main logo on the left leg/left half of the handle and left arm/top of the gun, as well as a GoBots sticker featuring artwork of Leader-1 and Cy-Kill. The exact origins of the toy that became Convertible Laser Gun are unclear, though it is almost certain Playtime themselves did not design it as nothing else they made is on the same level. Due to its' design style being close to that of the original Transformers Shockwave toy, Korean manufacturer ToyCo are suggested by some.


Laser Gun Renegade Rhetoric.jpg
  • Convertible Laser Gun did not have a faction assigned to him in his original release. While he did not appear in Renegade Rhetoric or Transformers stories, Convertible Laser Gun received a new design in a collage of "Cataclysm universe" Renegades made for Renegade Rhetoric. This design is based on Masterpiece Shockwave with Generation 1 Onslaught's head.