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This article is about the Cap Rifle. For the other ARCO toy of a similar name, see Cap Rifle (Hot Chamber).

The Cap Rifle was a name given to a toy released under the GoBots brand.

For the Renegade Rhetoric prose stories the toy was renamed Shotgun, becoming one of the RoGuns.




Released by ARCO, this toy transforms from working cap rifle to a robot. It had previously been released by Arco as the Ro-Gun RGX-V1; the GoBots-branded version featured slightly modified stickers that mean Cap Rifle has his purported species written across his chest. The cap rifle mode can fire two eight-shot cap rings before needing to reload. Due to the gun mode being scaled crudely to the proportions of a small rifle the robot mode is larger than many of the robots in the GoBots toyline. Most of his robot details, including the face, are from an extensive set of factory-applied stickers. He has no hands, and his arms can only move parallel to the body.
  • In 1992, after Mattel had taken over ARCO, the toy was recoloured as the RoGun figure Blazer.


  • A similar designation was used for another ARCO figure of a completely different design. For reasons of simplicity and through a happy discrepancy on the rear of the box, this can be found at Hot Chamber Cap Rifle.