Cap Rifle (Hot Chamber)

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This article is about the Hot Chamber Cap Rifle. For the other ARCO toy of a similar name, see Cap Rifle.

Cap Rifle or Hot Chamber Cap Rifle are names given to a toy released as part of GoBots brand, along with Robo-Scope. For the Renegade Rhetoric prose stories the toy was renamed Rifle, with both becoming RoGuns.


Cap Rifle is the big one.


  • Cap Rifle & Robo-Scope (1985)
The Hot Chamber Cap Rifle also included Robo-Scope, a smaller robot who could form a sight for the rifle, and features a "hot chamber"—i.e. a sparking mechanism that makes the red transparent plastic light up when the trigger is pulled if caps are loaded in the rifle mode. It had previously been released by Arco as the Ro-Gun Hot Chamber Cap Rifle & Robo-Scope; the GoBots version featured no significant changes, presumably due to a lack of space to slap on huge GoBots logo. Like the first Cap Rifle it has a large robot mode. It is slightly less covered in stickers, but still uses them for the face.

Robo Machine[edit]

  • Cap Rifle & Robo-Scope (1985)
Arco also issued the toy in Europe, using the cumbersome Robo Machine Challenge of the GoBots branding.


  • The rear box refers to it as the "Hot Chamber Cap Rifle", which at least allows it to be differentiated from Cap Rifle.