"Et Tu, Cy-Kill"

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Challenge of the GoBots ep 61
""Et Tu, Cy-Kill""
Airdate December 9, 1985
Written by Jeff Segal, Kelly Ward, Eric Lewald and Mark Edens
Animation studio Hanna-Barbera

In the beginning...


Featured characters[edit]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Guardians Renegades Humans Others


"You too, Cy-Kill?"
"Yes...me, too."

-The last words Leader-1 and Cy-Kill exchange before becoming arch-enemies.


  • ""Et tu, Cy-Kill"" introduces seven new GoBots, nearly as many as the preceding "Mission: GoBotron".
    • In the present, Tri-Trak and Treds make their first appearances. In the future episode "Guardian Academy", Tri-Trak graduates from that institution, meaning it comes earlier chronologically.
    • In the past, Moto-san, Twister, Bullseye, Klaws, and Bugsie are introduced. Unfortunately, Twister's appearance will later create complications (see Errors, below).
  • This is the first and only episode to include flashbacks to the early days of the current Guardian/Renegade War.
  • Spay-C appears with a different character model, showing less expressive facial features, closer to her toy design.
  • The flashbacks show Zeemon has been unable to convert since the dawn of the current Guardian/Renegade War, retroactively making it an error when he does so in "Doppelganger".

Continuity notes[edit]

  • Gadgets and Powers:

Continuity errors[edit]

  • Like Tri-Trak, Twister becomes a Guardian when he graduates in the present in "Guardian Academy". Therefore, their presence as Guardians in the past is a mistake. This is even more disappointing with Twister, as he plays THE key role in driving a wedge between Cy-Kill and the other High Protectors in the past.
  • Dart's voice is entirely different from the previous episode.
  • Dart is sold as a Renegade in the toyline. In the previous episode, Dart was a Guardian. In this episode, he was a Guardian in the past, but abandoned them with Cy-Kill to join the Renegades. In the next episode, he's a neutral from a lost civilization who ends up joining the Guardians. It all makes sense, in a Constructicon sort of way (if you squint), but is clearly not designed to be consistent continuity, and within a span of three consecutive episodes too.

Animation and technical errors[edit]

  • The injured Turbo appears unusually short next to Leader-1, even with his hobbling.
  • Cy-Kill's chest radio is flashing unnecessarily when he speaks to Dart, who is right behind him.
  • As Tri-Trak and Moto-san drive towards the Command Centers, their animation cels fall out of synch with the ground, making them appear to drive into the air.
  • The recurring error with the Super GoBots shows up again as Zeemon is suddenly half the size of other Guardians when Cy-Kill and Leader-1 have their falling out.
  • Crasher's red rectangles are missing when Cy-Kill breaks her out of her cell.
  • Leader-1's chestpiece is dark instead of white when Crasher and Cop-Tur ambush him.
  • When the Renegades blow a hole in the roof to escape, debris falls down first and then the hole just sort of materializes.

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