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"I'm told blonds have the most fun on GoBotron."

Nick Burns is one of the Guardians' human allies. He is frequently seen with also mentally young Guardian Scooter.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Sparky Marcus, Ike Eisenmann

Fun Publications[edit]

Renegade Rhetoric (1)[edit]

"Brain Problem Situation"[edit]

Nick Burns participated in the second encounter between the GoBots of Strata 22 and the Autobot Spy Changers. When the Renegades tricked the Guardians into leaving Earth, Nick and Tri-Trak were the only ones left behind on the planet after the Renegades established an Embargo Field. They used the Reality Beacon to signal the Spy Changers, summoning Wheeljack and Trailbreaker for aid. Trailbreaker's knowledge of force fields helped them identify the source of the Embargo Field. The field was shut off, and the Renegades vanquished by the returning Guardian forces. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/09/30 TFWikiFavicon.png

"Echoes and Fragments"[edit]

Echoes and Fragments

Renegade Rhetoric (2)[edit]

Renegade Rhetoric, 2016/05/09 TFWikiFavicon.png

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