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GoBotron (also spelled Gobotron) is a planet that is the home of the GoBots. The capital city is GoBotolis, which is protected by the GoBotron Fortress.

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In its earliest incarnation, Gobotron was but a space station autonomously run by the Go-Bots. Go-Bots #5 After the Go-Bots, led by Leader-1 conquered Earth, they expanded Gobotron into a massive artificial planet that was built around the organic world. Under Leader-1's guidance, the Go-Bots built their world into mechanical duplicate of human society with the remains of Earth becoming known as the "Heart of Gobotron". All was not perfect on this world for threat both political, such as the Trade Federation's disputes, or existential, like the monstrous Zod, threatened Go-Bot society.

Having been off-world during the uprising, Spay-C returned home with four human astronauts who eventually breached the inner sanctum and found Turbo and Scooter who had elected to remain on Earth with what remained of humanity. Go-Bots #3

After the humans had descended into Earth, the Go-Bots followed so Leader-1 could retrieve the Lazer Lance and slay Zod. Though the monster was felled, Leader-1 himself died in battle. Go-Bots #4 When his forces returned to their world, they found its surface ravaged by the Vamps who were put down by Road Ranger. Assuming leadership of the planet, Road Ranger made the decision to leave Earth behind, disconnecting Gobotron from the organic world and charting a course for deep space so his people could start anew. As their world streaked through hyperspace, Road Ranger informed Bug Bite that, not only would they begin constructing new Go-Bots, they were going to seed the multiverse with new versions of Gobotron, each with their own name. Go-Bots #5

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