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The Guardian Council is a body of GoBots on GoBotron headed by Zeemon that liaises with the Guardians' military commanders, usually Leader-1.

The precise make-up and purpose of the council tends to fluctuate according to the occasion.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]


The Council were convened after Cy-Kill and the Renegades stole the prototype Astrobeam. They gave Leader-1 permission to lead an all-out assault on the Renegade Fortress Battle for GoBotron Later Path Finder reported to the Zeemon and the Council that the Guardians had successfully captured Fitor and the rest of the Renegades at the Fortress, but that GoBotron's fate depended on the success of Leader-1 on Earth. The Final Conflict Leader-1 reported the reappearance of the Master Renegade to the Council, who felt the Guardians stood like chance. Thankfully Zeemon had a more level head and defences were readied. The Fall of GoBotron When Cy-Kill used Doctor Aeolis's hermetic condenser to take the human race hostage, Zeemon and the Council had no choice but to hand over control of the planet to the Renegade. Clutch of Doom Zero sent Bad Boy and Twin Spin to bomb the Council chambers as part of his plan to sew chaos on GoBotron. The Third Column Following Leader-1's turn to evil thanks to an exosuit built by the people of Fabricon, the Guardian Council were forced to declare him a Renegade. A New Suit for Leader-1 When the Guardians fell under the control of a Spectrometer the Renegades used them to capture the Council and take them to Outpost Omni for Brainstorming. Thankfully the device's original inventor Buddy was able to work with Scooter and Nick Burns to free Leader-1, Turbo, Blaster and Good Knight from the Spectrometer's influence before they made the handover. Whiz Kid Some members of the Council agreed with Man-O-War that the Guardians needed to be more aggressive in their battle against the Renegades, criticising Leader-1's command. However, Zeemon put his faith in Leader-1 and after the Renegade fleet was all but obliterated the Council thanked him for his leadership. Mission: GoBotron

Line-Ups[edit | edit source]

The composition of the Guardian Council fluctuated massively across the series. While it was always commanded by Zeemon, his fellow councillors varied between generics (usually all-new ones) to other Guardians, plus the odd animation error.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Not only does the membership jump all over the place but it's difficult at times to work out what exactly the Council does. Broadly it seems to bring the concerns of the civilian population of GoBotron to Leader-1 and the other Guardians. The Council seems to have the power to censure the Guardians (e.g. declaring Leader-1 a Renegade in "A New Suit for Leader-1") but Leader-1 often does as he pleases without running anything past them, so who has ultimate authority is not clear or consistent. This could be fudged to Leader-1 and Zeemon having a healthy respect for each other from their time as High Protectors together as shown in "Et Tu, Cy-Kill".
  • Similarly it varies between seeming like a group of fuddy-duddy politicians and front-line Guardians.
  • To be honest it's probably the least of the show's many, many problems.