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Stone Hook is a Shock Rock from Quartex who fights for the Evil Rock Lords.

Unsurprisingly, he has a stone hook in place of his right arm, which he uses to reel in his victims.


Rock Lord Stone Hook toy.jpg

Rock Lords[edit]

  • Stone Hook (Shock Rocks, 1987)
    • Evil Shock Rock
    • Accessories: none
Stone Hook was released in the first series of the Rock Lords Shock Rocks figures by Tonka and converts from robot to rock. His action feature a right arm mounted on a cord that could be hooked around other figures, with a button then causing the cord to reel back in, in theory pulling the other figure along with it, though typically meaning one or both figures fell over. The figure was designed by Bandai on behalf of Tonka. As such, the figure was never released in Japan.

Robo Machine[edit]

  • Stone Hook (Action Shock Rocks, 1987)
    • Evil Shock Rock
    • Accessories: none

In Europe, Rock Lords was a subline of Robo Machine. Stone Hook was issued by Bandai in 1987, featuring no significant changes from the American release.


  • The back of the Shock Rocks card featured a prototype version of Stone Hook, featuring a simpler sculpt and colour scheme.