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Shuttle CG (シャトルシージー) is a CG Robo.

He is a stargazer, an expert on astronomy and a strong believer in peace. As such Shuttle CG can fire a Pyremount Laser from his chest to atomise anyone who doesn't like his peaceful ways. His engines are rated at 9000ps and can propel him at up to 700kmph - which is fast for a CG Robo but really, really slow for a Space Shuttle.

Toys[edit | edit source]

Spay-C got dressed backwards.

CG Robo[edit | edit source]

  • Shuttle CG (CG Robo, 1993)
    • ID number: CG-14
    • Accessories: none
Shuttle CG was released in CG Robo by Bandai and converts from robot to NASA Space Shuttle in 4 steps. The figure was designed by PLEX. Like all CG Robo, it has a "Change and Glow" (i.e. light and sound) feature - pressing down the boosters in either mode causes them to flash and make an engine noise. The toy features a large amount of stickers - including a lot of the black on the shuttle mode. As the last figure in the range he is as rare as he is awkward-looking, though PLEX perhaps deserve some respect for coming up with a third way to go from Space Shuttle to robot.
The toy was not released outside Japan.