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Fire Winner (ファイアーウイナー) is a Machine Robo who fights for the Algo Republic on the Electronic Planet B-1.

He is a member of the Winner Robo, and often teams up with Fire Robo to battle blazes.

Toys[edit | edit source]


Machine Robo: Battle Hackers[edit | edit source]

  • Fire Winner (Winner Robo, 1988)
    • ID number: W-07
    • Accessories: water hoses (2)
Fire Winner was released in Bandai's Machine Robo: Battle Hackers toyline in 1988, and converts from robot to Nissan Diesel chemical fire engine. As a Winner Robo, toy's conversion is semi-automatic - pressing a button on the underside of the vehicle causes it to pop into robot mode; it is also fitted with Hot Wheels-style wheels and can interact with the Roboshooter Gaiden track playset. Despite this it still retains diecast parts and some arm movement. As one of the last releases in the line Fire Winner is considerably rarer than the first six Winner Robo.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Fire Winner was released too late to appear in the Machine Robo: Battle Hackers cartoon, and does not seem to have received a "*Name* Robo" alternative name like the earlier figures who did get into the show did.
  • A prototype version of Fire Winner was pictured in catalogues that featured silver lower legs.