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Quick Step is a Renegade.

Toys[edit | edit source]


GoBots[edit | edit source]

  • Quick Step (Power Marcher, 1986)
    • Radio Controlled Renegade Robot
    • Accessories: remote
Quick Step was released by Tonka in the third series of GoBots, and is a remote control robot that does not convert. The toy was a recolour of RK Type-2 from WalkingRobo, with a new purple and green colour scheme and a new sticker sheet - which includes an illustration of his opposite number Hitch Hiker on what presumably is some kind of chest read-out. The toy is designed to be able to balance on uneven surfaces while walking. The figure had been issued as part of Robo Machine as the Walking Robots toy Dinosaur. Like fellow Power Marcher Hitch Hiker, Quick Step was one of the last GoBots figures released and is rare as a result; however, due to the toy being unlike most in the range and featuring in no fiction it does not fetch particularly high second-hand prices.
  • Tonka gave the Power Marchers an assortment code (#7453), while Quick Step had an individual code (#7452). It is not known whether the latter was just for internal reference or if solid cases of the toys were offered to retailers.