The Robo Machines part 2

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The Robo Machines #2
Publisher Fleetway Publications
Published in Eagle #139
First published November 17, 1984
Artist M. Capaldi
Page count 3

Stron-Domez has nefarious plans for Earth.


After their failed assassination attempt on the President of Robotron, Stron-Domez and his Robo Machine lackeys, Cy-Kill and Tank, escaped in a spaceship. They fly to Earth, where Stron-Domez seeks to use its natural resources to create a power base so he can return to his home planet and destroy his enemies. Tank worries that their frightening appearance will give them away, but Cy-Kill chatises his teammate with the obvious assumption that the alternate modes that Stron-Domez gave them can be used to disguise themselves as Earth vehicles. Hidden, they can move freely till they choose to attack, causing panic and confusion. Using their ship's deflector-screens, they land undetected in East Anglia. Stron-Domez urges the others to act quickly, since their enemies at Robotron are surely mobilizing to chase after them.

True to Stron-Domez's prediction, the authorities of Robotron task Ex-El, supreme overlord of the Security Forces, with apprehending Stron-Domez and bringing him to justice. With blueprints from Stron-Domez's lab downloaded to his brain, Ex-El recruits volunteers to be given the ability to "shape-change" and join him in boarding the Command Centre to fly to Earth.

Meanwhile on Earth, Stron-Domez has built another Robo Machine, Fitor, who he sends on a mission to find a target to ignite fear among all of humanity. The fighter jet spots the quaint small town of Cholkham, which Stron-Domez orders to be razed to the ground.

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