The Robo Machines part 1

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The Robo Machines #1
Publisher Fleetway Publications
Published in Eagle #138
First published November 10, 1984
Artist M. Capaldi
Page count 3

Stron-Domez engineers a plan to take over Robotron!


The planet Robotron is a futuristic paradise in the Proxima System four lightyears from Earth. So dedicated are they to robotics that many of the people living on Robotron are 99% robotic and they themselves are served by robots for every task.

The inauguration parade for the new President of Robotron is keeping everybody busy, including the evil scientist Stron-Domez. After years of hidden research, his studies have finally bore fruit: he has modified the miscreants Cy-Kill and Tank into a new generation of Robo Machines. At the parade, Stron-Domez and his two servants are spotted. Before anybody can do anything, Tank transforms into his alternate mode and attacks, terrifying the crowd.

Before he can kill the President, Tank finds his co-ordination cells malfunctioning and is surrounded by security forces. Stron-Domez makes his escape on Cy-Kill's motorcycle mode. Tank manages to escape with the two to a waiting spaceship that blasts off to the third planet in the Solar System: Earth...

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