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(Small Foot is the one on the left.)

Small Foot is a Guardian.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Cy-Kill's Escape Quest for the Creator The Fall of GoBotron Flight to Earth Return to GoBotron

Trident's Triple Threat Doppelganger Scooter Enhanced Ring of Fire

Fun Publications[edit]

Transformers Timelines[edit]

Withered Hope Transcendent: Part 1 TFWikiFavicon.png Sunrise High Noon Journey's Eve Last Sunset

Renegade Rhetoric[edit]

Cy-Kill unleashed a mutant, fast-growing form of plant called Go-Vines to entangle the world. Small Foot and Sparky sneaked aboard Thruster to steal some seeds, which Professor Von Joy was able to reverse-engineer in order to create a working defoliant. The GoVine Incident

In an alternate universe created by Cy-Kill messing with the timeline, the Renegades ruled Earth and Gobotron. In this reality, Small Foot and Zeemon were the personal servants of Overlord Cy-Kill. Renegade Victory Part 1

As the Renegades sought an object of great power from the world of Amazonia IV, the Valkyries of that world organized the Three Trials of Boudica to determine whether the Guardians or the Renegades would receive the power. After one victory apiece for the competitors, Small Foot (with the help of A.J. Foster) competed against Crasher in the final trial. Presented as a challenge of speed, the GoBots weaved their way through a high-velocity obstacle course. A small child fell onto the tracks during the competition, prompting Small Foot to give up her lead to save the girl from the deadly traps. Crasher crossed the finish line first, but victory was awarded to Small Foot anyway. The Valkyries revealed the final challenge was one of honor, not speed. Small Foot and the Guardians received the ancient wisdom found in the Valkyrie's scroll. Ladies Night

Under attack from Cy-Kill's new allies, the sorcerers Mumbo and Jumbo, Small Foot was temporarily transfigured into a cow. Mumbo Jumbo

On one occasion, Doctor Braxis appeared before the Guardians and claimed to wish to reform. He provided the Guardians with his Destabilizer Cannon modification, a significant upgrade to their standard hand-blasters. Small Foot joined Leader-1's team as they tested the Cannons against a Renegade raid in Rio. Turbo was too suspicious to accept the upgrade, however, which proved advantageous once Braxis revealed his Cannon mod also allowed him to control the Guardians' minds. Once Braxis Twice Shy Part 1 Small Foot and Leader-1 were among the Guardians sent by Braxis to destroy Turbo and Scooter, the only remaining free Guardians. Braxis eventually overreached by trying to conquer the Renegades as well, and the Destabilizer Cannons were disabled. Once Braxis Twice Shy Part 2

Small Foot and Turbo found the Renegades raiding a UNECOM warehouse. They attacked Blades and Psycho, inadvertently allowing the third faction of Zero and the Master Renegade to make off with their stolen items. Trash and Treachery

Small Foot and Leader-1's command team defended Fermilab and its particle accelerator from the Renegades and a Zod attack. They were being overwhelmed until the temporarily giant-sized Scooter saved the day. Attack of the 50 Foot Guardian She also fought against King Talpidae and the Mole Men when Cy-Kill formed an alliance with them against UNECOM and the surface world of Earth. The Mole Men of Prototheria

Small Foot and Scooter were attending to Professor MacDonald Guffin and his MacGuffium experiments when the Renegades attacked, inadvertently exposing A.J. to MacGuffium radiation(TM). When A.J. discovered the laboratory accident had given her strange, unearthly powers, she decided to use them as a local super-hero called "Go-Girl", with Small Foot proudly serving as her "Go-Mobile".

A.J. began taking greater and greater risks, however, and Small Foot became concerned her powers might not be permanent and wink out at the worst moment. An argument split up their partnership right before Small Foot was captured by the Renegades. Cy-Kill forced A.J. to steal valuable items for him in exchange for Small Foot's life, but sure enough A.J.'s powers finally faded. While supposedly delivering the last of Cy-Kill's requested loot to the Renegades, A.J. instead gave them a dose of unstable MacGuffium, stunning the Renegades long enough for her to free Small Foot. Go-Girl

Small Foot was a member of Leader-1's basketball team when Cy-Kill challenged them to a game for the fate of Earth. Double Dribble

Small Foot and the Guardians were surprised by the Master Renegade when they visited New Earth. His polymorphic inducer transformed the Guardians into human beings, and of course he turned on Cy-Kill and the Renegades as well. They suffered the indignities of flesh and blood until Matt Hunter rallied their spirits and Scooter created a polymorphic amplifier to undo the inducer's effects. Human Resources

Small Foot operated a Power Suit as part of Courageous when the Guardians made their big push against Rogue Star in Cy-Kill's absence. Cy-Kill returned from Axiom Nexus in the midst of the battle, however, and his new combiner Monsterous tore Courageous back into its component pieces. Opportunity Knocks Part 2

Trident's Guardian Smashers sought the Horn of Gabriel from a dig site in the Middle East. Turbo and Small Foot opposed them, but Benedict used a Lightning Suit designed by Professor Frost and held back the Guardians. The Guardian Smashers

An official treaty between Earth, Gobotron, and Quartex was a cause for celebration, bringing representatives from all factions to the Ingot Ampitheater on Quartex. Small Foot and the Jewel Lord named Flamestone were part of the security detail. Magmar and his evil Rock Lords attacked the proceedings, with Cy-Kill and the Renegades enlisted as well. Small Foot was disabled in the first wave by Cy-Kill himself. Combiner Wars Part 1 Although Cy-Kill and Magmar managed to kidnap their leaders, the heroes eventually regained their confidence and approached Stonehead. With a plan in their heads and teamwork in their hearts, they rescued Leader-1, Boulder and the others, and Small Foot helped Scooter and Nuggit take control of the Action Shock Rock drones. Combiner Wars Part 2



  • Small Foot (GoBot, 1984)
    • Friendly Robot 4x4 Truck
    • ID number: 14
    • Accessories: Front grill & bumper, two piece rollbar
A repackaged import of the Machine Robo Offroad Robo toy, Small Foot converts from robot to Toyota Hilux MR5 truck.

Collector's Edition[edit]

  • G1 GoBots (Multi-pack, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: 84
Small Foot is a redeco of the Transformers Mini Vehicle Gears, transforming into a diesel truck as well. She was only available in an e-HOBBY-exclusive Collector's Edition six-pack with Road Ranger, Bug Bite, Path Finder, Bad Boy, and Treds.


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