Robo Machine featuring the GoBots Annual 1986

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Robo Machine featuring the GoBots Annual 1986
Publisher World International Publishing Limited
First published 1985
Cover date 1986
ISBN 0-7235-6764-6
Printed in Italy

Robo Machine featuring the GoBots Annual 1986 was published in the United Kingdom by World International Publishing Limited.


  • The Guardians’ Earth Friends
  • Friendly Firepower
  • The Animal File: Design Data 1
  • Scooter’s Computer
  • The Animal File: Design Data 2
  • A Message for Matt
  • The Animal File: Design Data 3
  • The Man Who Built the Beetle


The Guardians’ Earth Friends[edit]

A one-page introduction to Guardians Human allies: Matt Hunter, A.J. Foster, Nick Burns, Anya Turgenova and their enemy the evil Doctor Braxis

The Rescue of Road Ranger[edit]

The Renegades’ attempt to intercept a transportation of sorium by truck but not everything goes to plan for them or the disguised Road Ranger. Meanwhile the other Guardians find themselves thrown into the prehistoric past with little hope of getting back.

Friendly Firepower[edit]

The origins of the earth modes of Leader-1 and Royal-T.

The Rumbling Jungle[edit]

A new energy source deep within the Amazon may cause the end of the world. With the Renegades having found out about it the Guardians’ must try to make there before them. If they don’t a mutant subterranean race of insects will be unleashed.

The Animal File: Design Data[edit]

Scooter studies various Earth creatures to find ways to improve GoBot designs.

Meltdown in the Museum[edit]

When leaving a waxwork Nick and A.J. spot a disguised Dr Braxis. When Nick sneaks in after him he discovers his plan to bring the wax statues to life using his high-tech briefcase.

Scooter’s Computer[edit]

The Commande Centre computer relaxes with Scooter and devisers jokes and puzzles with him.

The Aliens Steal a Scientist[edit]

When a Renegade trick leads all the available Guardians on a wild goose chase, Matt realises that Anya is in danger. Scooter and the trio hurry to her science conference to try and stop her from falling into Cy-Kill’s grasp.

By Astrobeam to GoBotron[edit]

A secret meeting turns out to be a Renegade trap and the NASA crew are forcibly sent to GoBotron for a role in a fatal plan against the Guardians. The humans must try to survive on the alien planet and make it back to Earth.

A Message for Matt[edit]

A board game in which the player must get to the end of the board to deliver a message to Matt in only four minutes.

Battle of the Beams[edit]

Braxis has devised a new weapon which leaves the Guardians helpless. Scooter attempts to come up with a device to help them and to save the captive Leader-1.

The Exploding Toads of Primus[edit]

Cy-Kills plots to enslave the Earth with a deadly creature from a destroyed world. Meanwhile, Braxis worries about what this might mean for him as the Guardians engage their enemy in a battle across the globe.

The Man Who Built the Beetle[edit]

The history of Ferdinand Porsche and his creation the Volkswagen Beetle. This may be the only piece of GoBots media to mention Adolf Hitler.

Scooter Strides Out[edit]

For two days a battle rages in the mountains leaving many injured on both sides. When all seems lost the tide is turned by an unlikely source.


  • The entire Annual is uncredited.
  • The Annual like much of the tie media for GoBots was based on the Battle for Earth miniseries, meaning that the human allies work with NASA as opposed to UNICOM and Anya Turgenova and Dr Braxis are feature prominently as opposed to their scarcer appearances in the show proper.
  • Various stories feature the GoBots as being unable to use their weapons in vehicle mode.
  • The Renegades’ are called GoBads at various points.
  • Despite using her cartoon model Crasher is coloured like her initial white toy release through out. Next year’s annual will fix this however.
  • Turbo is featured in most of the stories but doesn’t appear in any of the illustrations. Maybe they didn’t have his character model?
  • Leader-1’s legs are oddly coloured green throughout.
  • Much of the artwork of the human’s is simply traced from their character models.