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"Ride On Scooter" is a large Guardian.


  • GoBots Ride On Scooter (1985)
Released by Sail Toys, GoBots Ride On Scooter is a scooter meant to be rode on by children. It can transform into a large, if simple, robot.


Ride On Renegade Rhetoric.jpg
  • The exact name of this character is uncertain, as no packaged samples can be found. "GoBots Ride On Scooter" comes from The Old Robots Web Site. Other names that have popped up include "Scooter Bot" and "Go Bot Ridem".
  • Ride On Scooter likely did not have a faction assigned to him in his original release.
  • While he did not appear in Renegade Rhetoric or Transformers stories, Ride On Scooter received a new design in a collage of "Cataclysm universe" Guardians made for Renegade Rhetoric. This design is based on Generations Metroplex.