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Nuggit is a Rock Lord from the planet Quartex. He is on the side of good and fights against the forces of evil. Nuggit is unique among Rock Lords in that he is completely robotic. He is also the only Rock Lord who can fly as he has a jet pack built into his body. He believes he dates from the time before a great cataclysm changed all the other inhabitants of Quartex into Rock based life-forms, although he has no memory of it. He is small and shy but brave and quite adept at technology.


GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords[edit]

Nuggit accompanied Solitaire to GoBotron, seeking the help of the GoBots to stop Magmar from conquering Quartex. He managed to avoid capture during an attack by the Renegades. Nuggit led the Guardians to Quartex and to Bouler's forces, convincing them that, unlike the Renegades, the Guardians had come to help. He took part in battle against Magmar's forces, where he used his ability to fly to good effect and temporarily trapped some of Magmar's forces. Following Magmar's defeat Nuggit thanked the Guardians, hoping to see them again someday. GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords

Renegade Rhetoric[edit]

Echoes and Fragments[edit]


Rock Lord Nuggit toy.jpg
  • Nuggit (Good)
Rock Type - Golden: a shiny, metallic finish that covers his robotic circuitry
Nuggit transforms from a robot into a gold Nuggit. His accessory is the Tri-gun.


  • Nuggit is quite similar to Scooter in the role he plays among his forces. Both are the smallest but one of the most technically adept of their respective factions. This leads them to form a respectful relationship with each other.