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Garudi (ガルディ) is a Gyandlar lieutenant, one of Gadess' most trusted and powerful troopers. Armed with the Shooting Star Sword and trained in the Tenku Ankoku Ken fighting style, he is one of the few Gyandlar capable of matching Baikanfu in single combat; he is also able to summon impenetrable smokescreens. Garudi frequently leads the Gyandlar Devils in battle and as the campaign on Cronos goes on develops a bitter internecine rivalry with fellow lieutenant Diondra.

However, inside Garudi is the brainwashed Guardi Stol (ガルディ・ストール), the lost older brother of Rom and Leina and son of Kirai.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Yōsuke Akimoto (Garudi), Show Hayami (Guardi Stol)

The Stol family left their home planet by spaceship as Kirai tried to find a safe place for the Hyribead. However, as they neared Cronos their ship was attacked by the Gyandlar and hit; as Guardi was manning the ship's defences he was sucked out into space. Kirai believed him dead; however he was instead found by Gadess and put through extensive brainwashing before being sealed in a suit of armour and rechristened Garudi.


He was one of Gadess' key lieutenants when the Gyandlar mothership arrived in orbit above Cronos years later as they detected the Hyribead on the planet. Rising Storm - the Fighting Style of Justice! However, he was not sent into battle until the Gyandlar targeted Rury's dojo, where he duelled Rom to a standstill before Blue Jet was able to undo the Gyandlar plans, though the fight with Garudi made a strange impression on Rom. Jet! Defeat the Double Death Blade! He later complained that Diondra's plan to use Nerve to control the people of Cleo City was dishonourable, but was overruled by Gadess. The Heart of a Protecting Angel He was next sent into the field to investigate a city powered by the thermal energy of a volcano, a process Gadess believed might involve the Hyribead. He captured Fam to try and find out what her necklace - bearing a Wolf Emblem - had to do with the process but she refused to talk. She later escaped, and when Rom and his friends were able to save the city he reflected he had been too easy on the girl, vowing to be tougher in the future. Underneath a Burning Sky


Garudi became a more frequent face on Cronos when the Gyandlar began their campaign against Emerald City, joining Diondra in leading a full assault that was driven back by the large number of Machine Robo defenders. Gather All Machine Robo Next he deployed Spider Machines craft and Spider Missile drones against the city in order to try and negate the power of Land Commander 5 but ultimately with the help of Baikanfu the plan was thwarted, and Garudi was forced into retreating on the Varigale-X. Attack, Land Commander 5! Gadess began to get impatient at the city still holding out, so Garudi hatched a fresh plan - to melt the frozen lake bordering Emerald City and flood the Machine Robo out. Diondra disagreed and captured Apollo Robo to use as a hostage in order to gain access to the Machine Robo base while Garudi was away mining the fire crystals needed for his plan; when he returned to Emerald City to find Diondra attacking he dropped the crystals anyway. However, Baikanfu and Land Commander 5 were able to contain the fire energy, while Apollo Robo sacrificed himself to prevent Garudi from launching a missile attack on the lake. Cross Rock's Great Prophecy


He kept up his win-at-all-costs campaign by firing a rust gas bomb at the city as part of a plan to split the Machine Robo forces, guessing that Rom would take a convoy to find Metal Laster to help the casualties. Unknown to him, Diondra had deduced his real identity as Guardi Stol - much to Gadess' fury as he knew what a powerful secret it was. Oblivious to this, Garudi ordered an assault on Emerald City while he tried to cut off Rom's convoy; however, the intervention of Mask Rock and Magna Rock forced him into another retreat. Knight of the Devil's Mountain, Mask Rock Garudi then infiltrated Emerald City onboard Tough Trailer through one of his smokescreens; he and the Gyandlar Devils planned to destroy the city's computer core, and his squad caused considered damage on the way before setting the system to self-destruct. However, Baikanfu was able to keep him busy while Tough Trailer and Rod Drill shut down the self-destruct. During the battle with Rom, Garudi's smokescreens cause his opponent to remember his arrival on Cronos - including the presence of a brother. 10 Seconds Before the Explosion! Run, Tough Trailer!


While in Emerald City, Garudi realised the computer wasn't powered by Hyribead; Gadess thus intervened and levelled the city. When Diondra fell underground Garudi merely saw it as an opportunity to press home an attack on the surviving Machine Robo. Escape from the Underground - Pro Truck Racer Appears! With Rod Drill, Tough Trailer, Leina and Pro Truck Racer separated from the main army he harassed them relentlessly. Pro Truck Racer tried to tackle him alone but was outmatched; however, Rom arrived with reinforcements and Tough Trailer was able to ram Garudi before he retreated. Fire! Big Blazer Cannon! He continued his feud with Diondra, egging on Gadess when he became unhappy with her failed plan to use the Demon Sword against the Machine Robo. Curse of the Demon Sword Medusa He was later in the area of the Emerald City ruins when he noticed the battles had revealed an ancient temple and investigated, not realising Leina, Kempō Robo and Fire Robo were doing the same. After his shuttle was shot down in a battle with Blackbird Robo he headed into the temple, finding that Kempō Robo had already found the Dragon Helmet, one of the parts of the Hyribead. Diondra realised where he was and tried to trick Gadess into destroying the temple, though he saw through it. Garudi unsuccessfully tried to take the helmet from Kempō Robo but the artefact protects the Machine Robo until Rom arrived and battled him until Diondra attacked the temple anyway. Garudi escaped the missile attack and swore vengeance on Diondra. The Four Treasures of the Mysterious Ruins


However he was forced to free her from Amber Man's fortress on Gadess' orders so they could search for the Phoenix Armor but the pair were eventually driven off by the Machine Robo. Save Amber Man, Blazer Cannon! With Gadess growing short on patience, Garudi put his feud with Diondra to one side, working with her and Grujios. While Diondra drew much of Rom's forces away and Grujios possessed Harley Robo, Garudi led an assault on the depleted Battle Base; the strategy was partly successful, leading to the capture of the Phoenix Armor. Close Call, Land Commander 5! When Rom, Pro Truck Racer, Bike Robo and the Wheelmen set out to get explosives from Cleo City to counter the Gyandlar's weather machine Garudi spotted the convoy and attacked them; however, Bike Robo was able to draw off his missiles and Rom was able to save Hot Rod Joe and get the explosives back to the Battle Base. Full Power, Wheelmen! Garudi was then trapped underground with Baikanfu but eschewed a chance to work together in order to escape, instead taking the Wolf Sword Ken Rō from Rom and leaving him to his fate. Secret Valley of the Fossil Men


His rivalry with Rom finally came to a head when Rom, Leina and Wrestler Robo stormed the Gyandlar mothership in the Power Riser suits. He was able to injure Wrestler Robo but when he tried to attack Leina he was stopped by a vision of her as a child; Rom used the distraction to regain Ken Rō, and chassed him into the ship. Power Riser, Break Through the Enemy! He attacked Rom and Leina further inside the ship but was again struck by visions. Nevertheless at Gadess' order he again engaged Baikanfu in battle until Machine Robo reinforcements arrived, driving Garudi and Diondra back to Gadess' throne room. However, Gadess was only an illusion; the real thing is elsewhere and he seals his lieutenants in the throne room with the Machine Robo. Baikanfu - Cry of Anger!


Garudi charged Baikanfu, who refused the help of the others and insisted on combatting his arch-foe himself, beginning a vicious duel. Baikanfu managed to get the upper hand in battle before Diondra revealed that Garudi is Rom's brother. Garudi's flashbacks suddenly made sense to him and a stunned Baikanfu lowered his sword; Diondra urges Garudi to take the opportunity to kill Rom but he hesitated. Garudi became more and more distracted by his memories; he realised he has been brainwashed by Gadess. Baikanfu split him in half, releasing his brother Guardi from his imprisonment inside the Garudi armour. The watching Gadess was furious and began melting the throne room, causing Guardi to fall through the floor. Mighty Fortress, Heavenly Sword - Jet Don't Die! He tried to attack Gadess but was instead sucked into his Hyribead-infused body. Rom arrived and Guardi threw his sword to his brother, telling him the Wolf Sword and the Star Sword combined will be enough to kill Gadess. He implored Rom to use the weapons on Gadess and himself. Reasoning that it is what Kirai would want, Rom combined the swords and sliced Gadess in half. Gadess and Guardi blinked out of existence and the four elements of the Hyribead appeared on Rom's person. He combined the Hyribead with the Wolf Emblems scattered around the planet, harnessing the energy to restore Cronos. The Final Battle of Cronos

Leina Stol OVAs[edit | edit source]

Leina thought of Guardi as a dying Rom told her of Kirai finding her on Ursus and choosing to raise her as his own; Guardi was present when the events happened. Leina Stol in Wolf Sword Legend III