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Woki is the one with the green loincloth.

Woki is a human from Maru Maru Island. His brother is Katu.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Brian Tochi

Woki and Katu were on a beach on Maru Maru Island when the Renegades landed their Starfish base off the coast, though like the Guardians they believed it was merely a falling meteor. However, when they saw a ship sucked under the water while they were on a fishing excursion the brothers realised there was more to it and informed the Guardians. They had no luck in finding the Renegades and the brothers' boat was then sucked in when the SS Vega became the Renegades' next target. Katu was able to swim away but Woki was sucked down to the Starfish along with the freighter. He was rescued when the Guardians were able to get Turbo, Scooter, Matt Hunter and Nick Burns onboard a ship which was also captured; they were able to deactivate the base's defences, allowing Dive-Dive to attack. Woki was subsequently rescued and reunited with his brother. Depth Charge