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Zenmai Kahen Winch Robo (バンダイ製 可変 ウインチロボ), Winch Robo or The Winch Robo, was a 1984 toyline produced by Bandai for the Japanese market. While it followed the rough ethos of Machine Robo, featuring robots that converted to vehicles, it featured a greater emphasis on 'outdoor' play, through working winch features and motors. Figures from the series were released by Bandai in Europe as the Winchers, before three of them were issued by Tonka as the GoBots Secret Riders toys; after that the same three were belatedly issued under the Machine Robo banner, as the Dash Robo for Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos.

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Datsun Truck
  • The Datsun Truck was a retool of the Ford Ranger mould, with a retooled head and front grille. This version was not released outside of Japan.
  • While the larger two figures weren't issued as GoBots they were released in America, licenced to Mattel and sold as PowerBots, renamed Towbot and Flybot respectively.
  • A Battle Tank figure in the range was advertised but never released in any form.

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