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The Water Rifle was a toy released under the Robo Machine brand.



Robo Machine[edit]

  • Water Rifle (198?)
Released by ARCO, this toy transforms from a water-firing rifle to a robot. It is quite large in robot mode, among the bigger GoBots/Robo Machine robots. The rifle mode incorporates a flip-up target sight. Like other ARCO designs it relies on stickers for robot mode detail, though these are much less prevalent than for some of their other toys, and Water Rifle features a lot more moulded detail and a general boxy look that's more in keeping with most 1980s toy robots. Water Rifle has simple articulation in the shoulders. Like Water Pistol, the combination of stickers and children filling the reservoir up from taps means many used examples have damage to said stickers.
  • ARCO released the toy in North America in Robotech branding, with no significant changes.


  • While the Water Rifle is similar in construction and design to the numerous ARCO toys released under the GoBots brand in 1985 no release under the North American brand has yet been confirmed. It is possible that ARCO's licence agreement with Tonka had lapsed by this point and the resulting stock was dumped on the European market as they were able to reach an agreement with Bandai, but really it could have been for any number of reasons. Unlike several ARCO designs it is not clear if Water Rifle had been released by the company before being used as part of Robo Machine.
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