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Venyamin Alexander is a human astronaut.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Go-Bots comic[edit | edit source]

He's one of the male ones. Probably.

Venyamin Alexander was one of the four astronauts sent on a deep-space mission onboard the Go-Bot Spay-C. He apparently woke the crew up early from their cryo-chambers when they found an inhabited metal world. Charlotte Scott led a scouting sortie in the mission's lunar rover but soon came under attack from giant insectoid robots. All the astronauts were then carried onboard Spay-C's robot mode for safety when the group were attacked by a huge dinosaur, and then saved by a large group of English-speaking Go-Bots. They were then taken to the Guardian Command Center, where Spay-C faced disintegration. The astronauts were placed inside the vent system of the ship and had a look around, not needing to hear much from Leader-1's court to realise it would not be a pleasant place to stay. They sprang Spay-C from the brig and were placed back inside the Go-Bot, but he was immediately recaptured by Blaster and Heat Seeker. However, Spay-C and his still-secret human crew were spared when Leader-1 decided that the new arrival was a good omen, having received a visitation from Eno that told him of the Lazer Lance, a weapon that could destroy Zod. Spay-C then rapidly adapted to life with other Go-Bots, giving his human occupants some concern. They turned off his internal microphones and planned to make a break for it; Spay-C was able to talk them out of it - which was just as well, as the Command Center was locked in battle with Thruster at that point. The Go-Bot confessed he had not been completely honest with his crew - they had been kept in suspended animation for much longer than they thought, long enough for everyone they knew to be dead. After the Guardians travelled to Gobotron's organic core Spay-C ran away from the Guardians, where he was found by Turbo and Scooter. The former detected the humans onboard Spay-C; believing them to be under duress he ordered the shuttle Go-Bot to release them. Turbo then realised that Spay-C didn't tell his crew the whole story and attacked the Go-Bot. The four astronauts then used their lander to explore the planet; taking soil and air readings, they found out that the world in the middle of GoBotron was, in fact, Earth.Issue 3

With a breathable atmosphere, the astronauts removed their space-suits while Spay-C finally told them the full story of the rise of the Go-Bots and fall of humanity. Turbo then introduced them to the regressed, primitive remnants of mankind. Venyamin and his crewmates took this with surprising élan, but moments later he and Lee Spencer were abducted by the Renegade Warpath and taken to Thruster as part of Cy-Kill's experiments. His blue overalls meant he was picked out for special prodding but Cy-Kill thankfully took a bowl full of humans, including Lee and Venyamin, back to Earth. They were able to slip away and found Spay-C, deactivated after an unsuccessful attempt to stop Warpath. They were able to climb inside and initiate a hard reboot, brining the Go-Bot back online, and signal to their comrades. They then stayed inside Spay-C as he became part of a loose alliance of Go-Bots who fought and destroyed Zod.Issue 4 After the deaths of Leader-1 and Cy-Kill, the crew split up, with two staying on Earth to help teach the human race and two heading back through the Disintegration Chamber - actually a time tunnel - to before the Go-Bot uprising.Issue 5

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It is not particularly clear which one of the astronauts Venyamin is, and thus whether he is one of those who opt to stay on Earth or travel back in time with Charlotte is unknown.