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Trans Am is a Guardian - a fearless fighter of the future. Maybe he's from the future, maybe he's trying to stop it, there's not much to go on.




Convertible Model Kit[edit]

Produced by Monogram, Trans Am was a plastic snap-fit model kit that once assembled could convert from robot to 1/32 scale Pontiac Trans Am with a friction motor and rubber tyres. The toy was a retool of Monogram's licenced kit for the lead character in Turbo Teen, with a new head, colour scheme and sticker sheet - likely due to the company choosing to maximise the benefits of having both licences at the same time.


Trans Am Renegade Rhetoric.jpg
  • Early art for Trans Am from a Monogram catalogue featured the GoBot (and Turbo Teen) with a windscreen head.
  • Trans Am did not have a faction assigned to him in his original release.
  • While he did not appear in the Renegade Rhetoric stories, Trans Am received a new design in a collage of "Cataclysm universe" Guardians made for Renegade Rhetoric. This design is based on Generation 1 Roadhandler with Robots in Disguise Hot Shot's head.