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Tom Tully (died 2013) was a British comic writer. Something of an industry legend, his long association with Fleetway was basically a directory of classic British comics, with long stints on many strips including Roy of the Rovers[1], The Steel Claw[2], Mytek the Mighty, Adam Eterno[3], The House of Dolmann, Heros the Spartan, The Leopard of Lime Street[4], Kelly's Eye, The Incredible Adventures of Janus Stark[5], Harlem Heroes[6] and Johnny Red across a 30-year career.

While still writing The Leopard of Lime Street, Roy of the Rovers and Johnny Red he also wrote Eagle's The Robo Machines for Bandai, where his background in war and adventure comics gave it a notably grittier tone than many toy tie-ins of the period.

After the cancellation of Roy of the Rovers in 1993 Tully retired to Wiltshire, living out a happy retirement with occasional convention appearances.

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